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Georgia Meloni’s fiery speech on globalism exposes the reality of harm caused 

In an era where the media and the establishment constantly talk about “centring” the voice of “strong independent women” it’s interesting to make a comparison between two women on the international stage and how they treated by the commentariat.

When Georgia Meloni speaks with a certain amount of fire – and it’s without doubt that she speaks with strong passion and conviction – she speaks with the voice of the ordinary people of Rome. She speaks about issues that affect the Italian people, in particular the hollowing out of Italian society and industry, and the stagnation of their economy as a consequence of the globalist policies and vision of the EU.

Her feud with the utterly vain French leader, Emanuel Macron, attacks the EU statists where they are weak instead of charging into a no-win fiscal war with the likes of Van Der Leyen.

It is bracing to hear an international leader correctly critique globalist open borders for what it is; a cynical second prong of a neo-colonialist resource extraction from the developing world by the wealthy managerial elites of the West.

Meloni argues that while France extracts the resources from these countries, they also move low-cost labour from these countries to wherever their industrial needs require them. People and commodities are both treated as moveable resources in global supply chains.


All of a sudden the open borders refugee policies don’t look like they are driven by humanitarian love. This is a sentiment that populist movements are obliquely aware of, and are increasingly finding means of expressing, while avoiding the managerial classes slurs of the old sin of racism.

It should be noted that this mass movement of people for these specific reasons have been tried before and the social consequences of animosity between divided populations remain generations later.

Soviet Russia moved vast numbers of Russians into the Baltic states and gave over ethnic Russian territories in the Donbass region to the Ukrainian republic.

In this little island, after robbing the lands of the Irish for hundreds of years the English crown, James I, finally figured on a way to destroy the Irish political culture and planted a large loyal population of Presbyterian Scots in Ulster. The result was, and still is, a long standing animosity between divided populations. That was all intentional.

In all those forced demographic transplanting projects, the sponsored mass migration of people was explicitly to serve multiculturalism (though it was not viewed as a positive thing) and the breaking of national identity. It’s a core value of globalism and its result is to smash traditional loyalties and localised interests that would counter global exploitation.

In contrast to Meloni, Jacinda Ardern speaks with a mid-Atlantic tone and uses the newspeak of the liberal establishment, which likes to style itself as progressive and compassionate.

Yet, we saw that Arden’s strength could be authoritarian – yet that was lauded and praised by the mouthpieces in the establishment media as an example of an example of a progressive style of government, all the more so perhaps because she is a woman.

Her style of Covid authoritarianism for which she “made no apologies” had the world press swooning with admiration. Reading platforms like the Guardian might lead you to the absurd conclusion that the Covid-19 virus is scared of powerful women.

However, the irony is that the covid times may have hastened the demise of the liberal world order. Ironic, because covid was supposed to be the test of international cooperation. It was an opportune vehicle upon which this benevolent global managerial bureaucracy thing would prove itself.

Instead what we got was an elite who were not answerable to the public or open to scrutiny. This new machine that clicked into gear was not answerable to national sovereignty, but under the guise of the duress of emergency, was answerable mainly to international bodies and cabals.

Using a coercive narrative controlled by international commercial interests in the pharmaceutical and supranational governmental organizations, it all-too-often served the hegemonic interests or reflected the beliefs of global federalists who have, for all intents and purposes, stolen the autonomy of national parliaments and taken it to themselves – amazingly, often with the cooperation of these national parliaments.

But we were told we must “follow the science” – and now the effect of ruinously long lockdowns are playing havoc with cost of living and more.

After Covid we then moved on to a proxy war in Eastern Europe, and this again was an opportunity to show the strength of this International solidarity.

The consequences of this are devastating as well. The theory that Russian would soon collapse under the weight of international financial sanctions is not coming to pass. As a matter of fact, in the sanction wars it appears that the greater consequence of this is the dismembering and restructuring of the global supply chains. This was not supposed to happen.

This “International Rules Based Order” that our elites keep talking to us about was meant to be durable and invincible precisely because it was global and could muster the resources of the globe and apply them to any problem.
Historically, the benefits of this globalism have been that despite the loss of autonomy of national parliaments, despite the surrendering of autonomy from nations to International organizations, that the efficiencies of these global supply chain have meant that peoples standards of living have kept rising. They’ve risen as the cost of products on the shelves has fallen.  This now seems to be coming to an end.

For those with clear vision, the signs are all pointing to a new reality which has been set in motion by these geopolitical events; that the neo-liberal global world order is now falling asunder that new parallel economies and global markets are coming into being.

India, the fastest growing economy in the world, have decided that they can set up their own systems and that they don’t need to use the dollar to buy the energy which drives their economy. This is a world-changing development.

Europen leaders (elected and unelected, but driven mostly by the unelected ones) on the other hand, seem to be willing to sacrifice their own economies to satisfy Washington’s wishes in this proxy war in Eastern Europe. They are cutting themselves off from a key driver of the European economy – cheap Russian gas and oil.

So when Mícheál Martin talks about how Europe has been so good for Ireland because it has increased the standard of the living of Irish people, he seems to be a little bit behind the curve. Because its likely that the recession that is just beginning – a recession that is driven by the breaking up of the world’s global supply chains starting with the Covid authoritarian disruption, and of which the fuel crisis in Europe is axiomatic- is about to hit home now, and people standards of living are about to decrease phenomenally.

Of the rewards of the European Union and globalism – bread and circuses – they may now be left offering only circuses, because bread is off the table. The Circus is liberal thinking and all its public rituals. The lurching from one stupid crisis to another. From one global war that can’t be won, to financial crisis, to mass hysteria over a virus, to moral panic over the “far right”. The West is in an existential crisis, a crisis of lurching from crisis to crisis.

To coin a new phrase based on Saul Alinsky’s political strategy of “The issue is not the issue”,in our present day “The crisis is “the Crisis”

But it’s not all a circus of terror. There is also the “love”spectacle. A sort of uber indulgence of publicly declared sexuality where the mantra “the personal is political” also means there is nothing personal or private. Enjoy the circus of degeneracy because it’s all you’re getting – it and inflation.

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