George Soros, and your taxes, paid for abortion propaganda piece on RTÉ tonight 

Tonight RTÉ, the publicly-funded broadcaster, will celebrate the repeal of the right to life of helpless preborn babies and cheer along with the ghouls in Dublin Castle who did conga lines in delight at abortion. 

That’s not how they’re selling it obviously. A ‘abortion movie night’ might not get as many views. Instead they’re using all the usual clichés and euphemisms to drum up an audience for a propaganda piece dancing on the grave of the 8th amendment. That shouldn’t distract from the fact that us taxpayers, including me and you, are being forced to give a publicly-funded platform to the latest hokey dressed up as a documentary for the purposes of pushing abortion.

This particular yarn – and the decision to show it on RTE –  is, of course, just more triumphalism from the plucky souls who managed, with nothing but the backing of the entire media and political establishment and millions in funding from abroad, to defeat unborn babies.

The documentary, entitled The 8th, is risibly described as “a story of grassroots activism engineering change.”  Perhaps they’re confused. Maybe they actually think grassroots means a campaign that’s supported by every major political party, almost the entire spectrum of NGOs, every national newspaper and  most media platforms, global billionaires like George Soros, legions of dopey celebrities, and most of the rich and powerful – and then carried over the line with interference from Big Tech when  it looked as if, despite all that, the Yes vote was slipping.

Not to worry, as it’s obvious from the advance publicity it’s getting that no such awkward questions will be asked, instead we have soothing and sycophantic interviews with the “brave” women who were given piles of cash to make this shady version of history. (In this debate, the brave women are the ones who, despite enormous difficulties and insufficient support from both the State and the kind of men who cheered on abortion, have their babies. But like ‘grassroots’ and ‘compassion’, RTÉ exists to turn the actual meaning of that word on its head).

Now, we don’t know how much RTÉ paid for this abortion-celebrating film because they don’t want to tell us. They haven’t answered any of our emails asking the question every taxpayer should be entitled to ask – and have answered.

But we do know that this plucky little project striving bravely against the right to life of babies was lavishly funded by the taxpayer – and by none other than the American billionaire with his finger in every pie, the ubiquitous George Soros.

Turns out that Screen Ireland (which is, needless to say, funded by the long-suffering taxpayer) gave  a whopping €150,000 to make The 8th. The documentary was also supported by the Ford Foundation, a wealthy US-based outfit which strongly supports abortion, and which handed them $30,000.

Then George Soros’s Open Foundation, who, you may remember, were caught out in a WikiLeaks dump giving hundreds of thousands to abortion campaigners in Ireland, are listed as “generous supporters”, as are another American foundation, Sabrina Merage.

Isn’t it lovely for the already-connected, politically-supported, and privileged to get the “generous support” of the taxpayer and so many foreign foundations to tell their “triumphant” tale of winning out over preborn babies. Imagine if Uncle George had shoveled his cash towards pro-lifers. The sky would fall in, at RTE at least. PrimeTime specials with spooky music would abound.

The producers of The 8th even sent a special thanks to Soros on Twitter. Bless. Turns out making a pro-abortion documentary is a handy, lucrative gig if you can get it. A bit like Katherine Zappone and her Special Envoy posting, I suppose.

Now, at some point this may have been sold as a balanced documentary, but pro-life speakers John McGuirk and Cora Sherlock who took part say that the end result is not what they were led to believe.

RTÉ are busy advertising The 8th all week anyway, doing their very best to drum up an audience for the ghouls cheering on abortion. However, Jonathon Van Maren, watched it earlier and reviewed it here, so spare yourself the bother. One take away he and others have pointed to is that pro-abortion campaigners knew their #shoutmyabortion #MyBodyMyChoice claptrap wasn’t working with voters. They needed to spin the hard cases in the most contrived way possible to win the Yes vote.

Now more than 13,000 babies have been aborted in the first two years, women are being told by the HSE to flush their baby’s body down the toilet, and a baby boy was aborted after a misdiagnosis in the National Maternity Hospital. None of that is mentioned in the documentary. Nothing to celebrate there.

For your information, a documentary actually worth watching will be launched in the coming weeks by Tim Jackson, which will look at what happened in the run-up to the referendum in 2018 and how fear, media manipulation and Big Tech interference were used to  deceive and bully voters.

Save your popcorn for that one.

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