An Garda Síochana has warned older and vulnerable people to watch out for a scam being perpetrated in relation to the Covid-19 vaccine, where criminals seek to get access to a person’s funds and/or their home. 

Earlier today, a Cork city councillor warned of the scam which had been brought to his attention.

Independent councillor Ken O’Flynn said elderly people had reported receiving a phone call purporting to be in relation to the Covid-19 vaccine, where the person was informed they had an appointment at a hospital outside of their locality. “When they say they can’t travel they are asked for personal details like age and if they live alone. “The caller then offers to come to their home to give the jab,” he told the Echo Live.

The HSE then joined An Garda Síochana in making the public aware that “fraudulent text messages and calls regarding Covid vaccination” were being received.

“The HSE will never text or call individuals requesting personal information and they will never request payment for a Covid test or Vaccine. Your local GP will be the first point of contact about vaccination or Covid testing. The Covid-19 vaccine is free and it is not available privately,” they said.

They sought to reassure people that “the HSE will never call or text you and ask for your PPS number or your home address.”

“Never give away personal data or disclose who you may live with or if you live alone,” they said. “If you receive such a call, just hang up.”
Family members and neighbours are asked to be mindful that elderly or vulnerable people are aware of such scams and know to call the Gardai if they have any concerns.