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Full Time Carer says Government cares more about those who ‘don’t want to work’

The mother of a little girl with down syndrome who is her full time carer has told Gript of her disappointment with how carers fared in Budget 2023.

Anna Buday previously told Gript how despite being a full time carer to her one year old daughter Esther, she is not entitled to a carers allowance because her husband earns over the maximum salary allowed for a spouse to qualify. 

Anna, who is originally from Slovakia but has been in Ireland for 15 years,  has 4 other children. Her family of 7 is now living on her husband’s lone income, which is significantly lower than the national average.

“It is wrong to make carers dependent on a spouse.” she says 

“I would like to hear an explanation from politicians who heard our stories in the Dail when we spoke in the Oireachtas Committee last” , adding “what exactly is changing for full time Carers in this society?’ 

Yesterday’s budget rollout saw carers given a one off payment of 500,  €12 increase in the weekly rate of Carer’s Allowance and Carer’s Benefit, a €20 rise in Domiciliary Care Allowance, and €100 increase in the Home Carer Tax Credit. 

Family Care Ireland has said it welcomes “short-term financial supports for family carers in Budget 2023 but is concerned that rising inflation means that many of those caring for loved ones will continue to struggle financially.”

“A one off payment is not a fundamental change in the living cost crisis” says Anna. 

As Gript previously reported Anna was at one time given a weekly allowance of just €12.50, but this was withdrawn after about five months and she was requested to refund the money.

It is a tiny patch on a huge wound” she says, “ A person providing full time care for another has little value to this government.”

Anna believes the Irish Government has shunned carers like herself instead showing favour to people less willing to work. 

“Sadly, people who are not working, and are not willing to work, matter more to this Government. Also, I would like to know what is going through the mind of politicians when they hear somebody is providing a full time care for €40 or less a week. Even Though small increase is a step in right direction, it is not enough”. 


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