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Forbes removes article criticizing detransitioner and calling biological sex terms “nonsence”.

Chloe Cole regrets removing her breasts

Forbes Magazine has removed an article, written by transgender writer Dawn Ennis,  about former trans activist Chloe Cole who underwent a double mastectomy when she was just 15 years old. 

Cole testified that in the state of California a child can choose their gender and any medical professional who questions them could be “accused of conversion therapy”.

She spoke of how her “distraught parents” were told the only options for their daughter were “conversion or suicide”.

In the article which can be viewed here in archives Ennis, a biological male who identifies as female, referred to Cole as a “poster child for far right” after the now 18 year old testified that she is autistic and that she didn’t “feel like I understood all the ramifications that came with any of the medical decisions I was making,”. 

The article also claimed statements Cole made saying ‘trans men were not biological males’ were “anti-trans”. It also criticised her for sharing images of another young girl who had undergone a double mastectomy. 

It continues claiming that terms such as, ““biological male,” “biological female” and “biological sex” are nonsense words, coined during the North Carolina bathroom bill days specifically to oppress trans people.””

Cole says she “began identifying as a boy at age 12”  adding that “Immediately after expressing this cross-sex identity” she was, “fast-tracked into medical transition”.

She continues,  “At 13 I was prescribed puberty blockers and testosterone, and at 15 went under the knife for a double mastectomy.”

About a year after the surgery Cole says she began to have regrets and to realise that she was “lead down a horrific path of medical mistreatment”.

She now speaks openly about her experiences in hopes of raising awareness about the “dangers” of transitioning children.  

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