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WATCH: “F**k Off!” says Sinn Féin TD to voter raising immigration concerns

A Sinn Féin TD told a voter who was raising objections to the party’s stance on immigration given Ireland’s homelessness situation to ‘F**k Off’ after he was confronted at an event in his constituency.

Aengus Ó Snodaigh, a Sinn Féin TD for the Dublin South-Central constituency, and the party spokesperson on Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, was approached as he took part in a commemorative event for the 1981 hunger strikers.

“Bobby Sands would be ashamed of you now, selling out the Irish people,” Ó Snodaigh was told. “You get to shake hands all over the world because of what Bobby Sands did for this county.”

“And what are you doing now, you’re selling it out. Why don’t you worry about the Irish homeless first,” he was asked.

In response the Sinn Féin TD said “Why don’t you worry about them and f**k off”.

The exchange continued with the man recording the video telling Deputy Ó Snodaigh that he had previously voted for Sinn Féin, but that he felt the party was putting migrants ahead of Irish people who were homeless.

“I voted for Sinn Féin and I will never do it again,” he said. “You don’t care about the Irish homeless. ”

“Why are you welcoming more into this country, when we can’t help who we have,” he said. “You started cursing at me.”

He described Sinn Féin as “sell-outs” and “scumbags”.

Those standing with Ó Snodaigh countered by saying they had been approached and that those making the video were being ‘abusive’.

Community activists say that anger in growing in Sinn Féin strongholds at the government’s perceived mishandling of the migration and housing crisis, with asylum centres being imposed disproportionately in working-class areas and small rural towns.

On Twitter, many took issue with the TD’s response to the question, with some saying that they felt the party was of one voice with the government on the issue, while others objected to the language used.

“Wow, politicians don’t even care about saving face anymore, telling constituents to “f off”, they have no fear, no shame,” was one response.

“Did he just tell him to worry about the Irish homeless and f**k off?? Please tell me I heard that wrong,” said another.

“They always say “Blame the Government”, but Sinn Féin “control Dublin City Council and that is where the decisions are made to house people and who to house,” said another.

However, the TD had supporters too, with one comment saying: “This lad isn’t asking the real questions just jumping on the bandwagon. Until we get a united Ireland there won’t be peace on the island of Ireland. Sinn Finn are the only party who care about UI so I’ll vote if we fight over stupid things were helping the evil UK hold our land.”

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