Fine Gael pivots to all out attack on Sinn Fein

In the closing days of the election Fine Gael have begun an all out attack on Sinn Fein in constituencies across the country.

Fine Gael candidates have been given leaflets, to be given out in the last days of the campaign, saying that “only Fine Gael can be trusted to not do a deal with Sinn Fein”. The leaflets say that Fianna Fail is divided on if would enter Government with Sinn Fein whilst Fine Gael has said it is totally opposed to doing a deal with Sinn Fein.


The party has also started to send out text messages to voters telling them that Fine Gael will need every vote they can get, and to please ‘come out, get your family out, get your friends out’ to vote for Fine Gael and to stop Sinn Fein from being in Government.

Fine Gael now appears to be devoting all of their hope for electoral success into being seen as the only party who could stop Sinn Fein from entering government. Which may be a risky move for Fine Gael as, at current polling, Fianna Fail are 3-5% ahead of Fine Gael which would mean that voters primarily concerned with keeping Sinn Fein out of Government could be better advised to switch their vote from Fine Gael to Fianna Fail.

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