In a sudden reversal of policy for Fianna Fail Micheál Martin yesterday pledged to introduce an emergency rent freeze if elected. This comes one day after Fianna Fail published legal advice they had been given which said that such a freeze would be unconstitutional.

Between Tuesday, when Fianna Fail launched their housing policy, and Wednesday, when they pledged to partially reverse that policy, it appears the view of that legal advice changed, although no reason has been given for the abrupt change in policy, nor an explanation for why they now think the policy is constitutional.

This marks Fianna Fail’s third position on an emergency rent freeze this week. On Monday they were in favour of emergency rent freezes, on Tuesday they were saying emergency rent freezes were unconstitutional, and on Wednesday they were, yet again, in favour of emergency rent freezes.

FF have previously voted in favour of bringing in an emergency rent freeze. When Sinn Fein brought their emergency rent freeze bill to the Dail in December  of last year Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy had argued that the proposed bill was flawed and an emergency rent freeze was unconstitutional. That was not sufficient for FF and they voted with SF in support of the bill.

Martin, acting ‘on behalf of the party’ according to FF representatives, has now pledged to implement the entirety of the Feminist Ireland 2020 Manifesto recently released by the National Women’s Council of Ireland, which include the introduction of an emergency rent freeze,  and an end to direct provision.

In a move that could have a substantial impact on the Irish economy the party has also pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 8% per year if elected. Click HERE for more details.