Far-left protests fail to stop Unplanned movie being shown 

The box-office hit Unplanned opened in Ireland this week, despite attempts by left-wing activists to get theatres to cancel scheduled showings of the pro-life film.

Far-left agitators in Galway called for a protest and threatened “that film won’t be shown in that cinema tonight”.


Galway abortion advocates urged supporters to call and email Omniplex to stop the movie being shown.


A local Sinn Féin member decried the film as ‘anti-choice’, but on social media, respondents pointed out that people had a right to choose to see Unplanned.

Protests were held  outside cinemas in Derry and Galway, calling for the movie to be ousted from theatres, but, to date, cinema chains have not caved in to threats.



Unplanned is showing in up to 40 cinemas across Ireland in response to public demand.

Initially, just four cinemas in the Republic in the IMC and Eclipse chains were scheduled to screen the film, but now the Omniplex chain and other independent cinemas have also booked the movie – which was a box-office hit in the US – to play October 4th to 10th.

Interest in the movie in Ireland grew online and in What’s App groups, with community and parish groups, book clubs, families and individuals posting that they wanted to see the movie for its compelling storyline and message of redemption.

Unplanned tells the story of Abby Johnson who worked for eight years with America’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood, until she had a dramatic change of heart after witnessing an abortion.

Johnson was called in to assist in an ultrasound-guided abortion for the first time in September 2009, and was distressed to note how much the unborn child looked like the image she had seen of her own daughter in the womb.

She then watched in horror as the baby, who she had argued was incapable of feeling anything, squirmed and twisted to avoid the abortion instrument. It was a moment of reckoning that the movie sums up as “what she saw changed everything”.


See audience reactions to Unplanned in its first screening in Ireland


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