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Ex trans woman is First Person to be convicted of spying through  Amazon’s ‘Alexa’

The culprit had previously began identifying as a woman after rape charges


A man in the UK has become the first person to be convicted of spying using the artificial intelligence known as ‘Alexa’.

Sex offender Aaron Herschell, 25, admitted to using the device to ‘spy’ on a female acquaintance. 

The Daily Mail reported, “The landmark case emerged as a Westminster select committee is holding an inquiry into the growing use – and possible abuse – of smart technology.”

Committee chairman, Tory MP Julian Knight, was reported as saying, “The innocent little box sitting inconspicuously in the corner of the room would seem to offer the ultimate in convenience.”

He added, ‘However, there is always the danger it will have a more sinister side, with users potentially sacrificing privacy, put at risk of cyber-crime, or left open to uncovering harmful content online.’

‘This disturbing court case highlights the potential dangers in our own homes of this connected technology.’

Herschell was previously convicted of rape, and according to a report by the Daily Record, was the first male in Scotland  to be remanded for rape  as a man but face charges as a woman after changing his identity to that of a ‘woman’ named‘Alexis’. 

Reduxx reports, “Herschell began referring to himself as a ‘female’ in 2016 after being charged for the rape of two teen girls he met on a dating app. During his remand at the Polmont Young Offenders’ Institution, Herschell made headlines for being the first male inmate in Scotland to request “gender affirming” surgery while awaiting trial for sex offences.”

It was also reported that he demanded that his pat downs and strip searches be done by female officers during his incarceration. This request was adhered by prison services. 

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