Epstein, on suicide watch, dead by his own hand.

Look, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but let’s face it: Some very prominent people will be feeling a little safer this morning knowing that the Epstein is dead.

He hanged himself, the New York Post says. How does a man on suicide watch in a US Federal Prison get the free time, or necessary tools, to hang himself? That’s a question you would assume will be investigated moving forward. He had tried it before – about two weeks ago – and they managed to save him that time.

Hot Air asks the obvious question:

The obvious questions about this will likely be circulating for a while. First of all, was this an actual suicide or an “assisted suicide? The last time he was found unconscious with wounds to his neck, some reports claimed that another prisoner had tried to take him out. But since they put him on suicide watch after that, it appears the authorities were convinced he’d done it himself.

And what about that suicide watch? Unless someone at the Manhattan jail mistakenly thought that meant “watching people commit suicide” this shouldn’t have been possible. Surely they removed anything he could have hung himself with. And unless someone smuggled in some lethal drugs (which also seems highly unlikely) his guards should have been able to prevent this from happening. One early report coming out of CNN is suggesting that it was hanging, though that doesn’t seem to be confirmed yet.

Either way, this requires a full investigation and the guards, along with the people in charge at the jail will have to be held accountable. All of the women that Epstein victimized over the years will never fully receive justice now and Epstein won’t face them in court.

In the meantime, his victims will never get to face him in court, and the world will not get to hear whatever evidence he may have had about others involved in paedophilia.


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