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Enoch Burke ‘pulled out of High Court by arms’

Teacher Enoch Burke, who is at the centre of a long-running row over the use of transgender pronouns in a secondary school, was again physically removed from the High Court today as he sought to raise an unscheduled application with a judge.

Mr Burke said that he was seeking clarification regarding directions issued last week, and contended that a delay in matters might impede his appeal over injunctions granted against him.

However, Judge Brian O’Moore said that the court’s list of cases for hearing could not be ‘hijacked’ and Mr Burke was then removed from the Court.

RTE reported that “Mr Burke was then pulled out of court by three gardaí by the arms as he continued to protest”.

“His mother told the judge that God knew his wickedness.

Mr Burke’s appeal against the orders granted to his former school, Wilson’s Hospital in Co Westmeath, directing him not to trespass at the school is for mention in the court of appeal this afternoon and for hearing on Thursday.”

Mr Justice O’Moore asked gardaí to remove Mr Burke as he continued to protest. He was dragged from the court by his arms by members of An Garda Síochána, while continuing to grab on to the bench in front of him, and protesting against his removal.

His mother, Martina, told the gardaí they had no right to remove her son from court.”

Wilson’s Hospital school have told the court that there were “factual inaccuracies” in affidavits sworn by the chairman of the school’s Board of Management as part of proceedings seeking an injunction against Mr Burke to refrain from attending the school. 

The court has sought a corrected affidavit from the school.

“The inaccuracies are believed to be related to the original meeting in the school where a student made a request to be called by a different name and for “they” pronouns to be used,” RTE reported.

Lawyers for the school said the then principal had not been present for the substantive portion of this meeting as originally stated and only one of the student’s parents had been present.”

Mr Burke is subject to a daily fine of €700 while he continues to defy the injunction, with fines of €13,000 now built up.




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