Electoral triumph for Dutch farmers opposing Green extremism

As previously reported here, and almost completely ignored by the rest of the Irish media, the proposals by climate extremists to cripple Dutch agriculture have led to the biggest electoral upheavals since the 1940s.


Not unlike other countries, ahem, the traditional Dutch centre right party, the Christian Democrats, which has mostly been the party of choice of the farming and rural community, had surrendered the ground on “climate change” to the green liberal D66 party – ironically part of the same EU parliament group as the rudderless Fianna Fáil.

D66 have insisted that the target of 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 be adhered to. As in Ireland, much of the hit for saving the thriving polar bear community is to be taken by the agricultural sector which, as in Ireland, has been a mainstay of the indigenous economy.

Farmers objected to what they claimed would be a closure of 11,000 farms, with another 18,000 forced to reduce herd size.

This has led to mass protests and almost 1,000 arrests. In common with other European countries, protests by communities who have been abandoned by the parties they once supported has led to the creation of a new political formation, the BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) or Farmer-Citizen Movement.

The new party had contested the March 2021 general election but took just 1%.

In the provincial elections held on Wednesday, the BBB took almost 20% of the votes, and are now the largest party, having overhauled all of the others. These elections make up the 12 provincial assemblies, but their most important national function is that in May it will be their members who elect the members of the new state Senate.

BBB will be the largest party there, and along with three smaller parties on the right will provide an opportunity to stop the madness when the climate legislation comes back to the Senate.

Geert Wilders PVV party which was the major nationalist party in the 2021 elections has seen part of its support go to the BBB, but has retained its strength among Dutch people in urban areas, although many clearly identify with the farmers movement.

Along with two other smaller parties of the right, the right conservative parties took over one third of the votes on Wednesday. Which, in a country that has traditionally been governed by coalitions, places them in a potentially powerful position if one of the older conservative parties enters an alliance with them after the next general election.

What is also significant about what is happening in the Netherlands is that the protests have not abated. There was a large protest in the Hague last Saturday despite the police being deployed in an operation to prevent tractors and other participants reaching the capital.

It is also notable that the left liberal press in other European counties were clearly looking upon the elections in the hope that they would boost the parties of the consensus.

The Guardian two weeks ago was moved to editorialise on how “terrible” all this potentially was, and referred to alleged “intimidation,” but not of course to the heavy handed policing of the farmers’ protests that has been applied over the past year.

Here, our mass media simply ignored it all until these election results would have made that impossible – given how European-focused and all that they affect to be.

And it is an affectation, outside of their superficial and base attachment to the forces that wish to dismantle the Europe that was sustained for over a millennia by the things they wish to dismantle.

Amongst those in their targets are the agricultural sectors in all European countries that have sustained our civilisation over that period. It is simply madness that any European country, least of all our own, ought to be even contemplating running down its capacity to feed its own people, and indeed to feed people in other parts of the world. The traditional Dutch communities have clearly had enough of all the nonsense.

Looking at our own sorry virtual all-party consensus, we can only hope that enough people of sense from the huge constituency of traditionally minded people from across the silent ranks of the supporters of the three main parties in particular, and of the large number who currently support rural and other independents come together before it is too late.

Be like the Dutch boy, before the dam bursts and overwhelms us all.

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