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Dozens of Limerick students left without secondary school places

The families of a total of 26 Limerick school children have found that there are no places for them in any of Limerick city’s schools next September.

According to RTÉ on Wednesday, “unprecedented demand” for school places has led to 26 children being rejected because “Limerick city’s schools are at capacity.”

This figure was reported to be much higher until recently – however, according to RTÉ, almost 50 extra places have been created in recent days across several schools to try and squeeze in students where possible.

The report also notes that these pressures are being seen across the country, but are easier to quantify in Limerick, because of the city’s unique Common Application System (CAS) for enrollments. However, at the national level, the Department of Education has reportedly warned of “significant challenges” in finding sufficient secondary school places for 2023.

This problem is attributed in part to a “demographic bulge” that has been making its way through the Irish education system.

In addition to this, the RTÉ report states that an extra 1,000 Ukrainian children are due to move from primary school to secondary level this year, which will also have contributed to the pressure.

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