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Don’t laugh at Ireland’s climate radicals – they’re getting their way

Last Friday, yours truly attended a climate protest in a journalistic capacity, speaking to many of the attendees to hear about their views from the horse’s mouth. The experience was educational to say the least.

And possibly the most remarkable takeaway from the whole day’s events was the protesters’ sincerely-held belief that they are somehow “not being listened to” by the establishment – when in fact, they represent arguably the most powerful lobbying group in all of society, despite the fact that they hold objectively fringe views.

The event was attended by a number of groups such as the extremist Extinction Rebellion organisation, People Before Profit, as well as the Union of Students Ireland. An estimated 150 protesters attended the demonstration in total on the day. And while you’d have to assume and hope that not everyone at such an event holds radical beliefs, the proceedings featured a lot of fairly out-there stuff strictly speaking – as evidenced by the online reaction.

The report we published to date has received thousands of comments within a few days, and basically every single one of them is negative towards the protesters. I actually went looking for a single positive comment, and failed to find one – tell me if you can dig one out, because I’d love to see it.

The video also has thousands of laugh reacts, and the general consensus seems to be something to the effect of “janey mack, look at the cut of these dopes.”

This reaction was mainly in response to many of the protest’s stranger features, such as the event beginning with all the activists lying on the ground, apparently implying that ‘This is how the world will look soon because we’ll all be dead,’ or something along those lines.

We were also met by a vegan man who said that cattle farming “shouldn’t be allowed” by law, and who argued that animals like dogs and chickens are “just like us.” One woman even said that Eamon Ryan is “not strong enough” of a Green influence, and is simply “doing the dirty work” for Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.

It’s probably worth noting that the majority of those we spoke to said that they were supportive of illegal activities, up to and including vandalism, in pursuit of the climate agenda.

One woman from Ohio in the United States, who said that she was with the radical Extinction Rebellion splinter group Animal Rebellion, spoke about this at length.

When asked if she had engaged in any illegal activities like blocking roads, she replied that “We are a pretty new organisation…so we haven’t glued ourselves to anything or thrown soup on anyone yet. But if we have to do some of those things to get attention, we might do that.”

When asked how far is too far in spreading ones’ message, she said “We have to do whatever we need to do to get attention.”

She added: “We don’t believe in violence and we don’t believe in destruction of property. But we think people need to wake up and look around.”

At this point it was put to her that her group has engaged in destruction of property in the UK, smashing windows of private businesses with hammers and chisels.

She replied very matter of factly: “I think it’s controversial when you start doing things like breaking windows. We haven’t done anything like that here yet.”

She added: “I don’t think that Irish people are as up for that sort of thing as maybe they would be in the UK.”

I asked her, if hypothetically Irish people were “up for” breaking windows, would she think those tactics were warranted.

She laughed and said: “I think whatever needs to be done is warranted. Yeah, I do.”

When asked about groups like Just Stop Oil throwing soup on classic paintings as a publicity stunt, another woman simply responded “I think it has to be done. We are not being listened to.”

But what’s truly fascinating about this claim is the fact that the green movement are absolutely being listened to. It’s everyone else, in fact, who’s not being listened to.

The greens have won on carbon tax during an energy crisis, where the overwhelming majority of people didn’t want it. The greens have won on 25% agriculture emissions cuts, where rural communities opposed it. The greens have won on the turf ban, which was so unpopular that some Fine Gael TDs speculated it could bring down the government. The greens have won on banning LNG and oil exploration, even as we face years of rolling blackouts.

They’ve won on getting Ireland signed up to international obligations and legally-binding net zero targets which promise to cripple the economy. They’ve won on getting the internal combustion engine banned so you can’t even buy a petrol or diesel car after 2030.

The greens have won on hideous wind turbines in beautiful, previously unspoilt valleys and tourist attractions like Gougane Barra, despite local objections.

At the last General Election in 2020, Eamon Ryan’s Green Party received a total of about 7% of the vote nationally. And yet virtually 100% of the time, when it comes to a conflict of wills between the environmentalists and ordinary people, the government acquiesces to the greens. They get their way on a constant, unrelenting basis.

And yet apparently they feel the need to advocate for smashing windows, or vandalising paintings – as recently allegedly happened in Dublin by another climate activist.

Not content with having the government dance to their merry tune on every issue, they seemingly feel the need to endorse illegality to exert even more control than the vice-like grip they already have.

The fact of the matter is, people may well laugh at climate protesters, and call them “planks.” But who is really the plank? Is it the guys who commit political crimes, avoid jail, and have the government hanging on their every word? Or is it the large mass of shmucks who vote for the same parties over and over again who consistently shaft their own electorate, and who pander to said headbangers?

Think whatever you want about these people and their extreme ideology, but they have more sway and power than Joe Bloggs has by a country mile. And the real joke is on the public for willingly voting in parties that facilitate their own kicking.


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