How Donald Trump broke “Dancing with the Stars”

For those of you who have been living on Pluto for the past decade and are not aware, “Dancing with the Stars” is an internationally successful popular entertainment programme where celebrities are paired up with professional dancers, and compete with each other to be the best dancer over a number of weeks. Three professional judges give their verdict on each performer every week, and then the public vote by text message to say who they think has done the best, with the person getting the fewest votes getting booted off every week. It’s all very good natured, and family-friendly entertainment.

In the USA, in recent weeks, however, there has been utter consternation in elements of the media, as, despite inept performance after inept performance, one Sean Spicer continues to receive oodles of votes from the public.

Sean Spicer was Donald Trump’s first white house press secretary, and his campaign spokesman in 2016. He left the White House after a year, but has remained on good terms with the President, who, almost every week, tweets his support for Spicer at the beginning of the programme:

The apparent result of this is that millions of Trump supporters, whether they watch the programme or not, are voting for Sean Spicer. This has perplexed the media:

To be clear, it’s not really disputed that Sean Spicer cannot dance. In fact, his own dance partner seemed incredibly shocked last night when, once again, they came top:


So bad were they, in fact, that the professional judges appeared totally exasperated, saying “we keep giving you the boot, but the public keep saving you!”

It seems at least likely that Sean Spicer will win Dancing with the Stars this year, which would both be very unfair on the other contestants, and very, very, funny.

Whether the President of the United States should be interfering in the results of a television dance contest is, of course, another question. But Sean Spicer won’t be complaining.

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