Does the border make “quarantine” for UK flights a nonsense?

Here are the restrictions on travel from Ireland into the UK, with a UK-Government required 14-day quarantine period if you fly from Dublin to London. Notice anything?

And here are the equivalent restrictions if you fly from the UK into Ireland:

One thing to note here, in fairness: In the case of Ireland, self-isolation seems to be voluntary, in the main. You have to fill in a form to tell the state where you will be, and they might come and check on you, but that’s about it.

But regardless of that, doesn’t the Northern Irish border make it a nonsense? If you want to avoid fourteen days in isolation, go to Belfast and fly from there. You’re adding about two hours onto your journey, compared to Dublin Airport, but that’s nothing compared to adding four weeks onto it if you fly from Dublin.

Travel from Dublin and you have to spend two weeks in quarantine in the UK, and two more on your return. Travel up the road to Belfast, and there’s no such requirement.

So what’s the point?

Presumably they are hoping that most people won’t notice – but people who won’t notice are probably low-risk, infrequent travellers anyway. Plenty of people might decide to skip their holiday in Cornwall or the ring of Kerry this year because of the virus, but what about the Business travellers? The kind of people who would ordinarily fly back and forward a few times a month, or more, for meetings?

There’s a glaring loophole in the regulations, and nobody seems to have noticed, or care about it.

Oh well.

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