Does Sweden show we need a lockdown against the spread of government over-reach?

In the middle of the European Cup, one wisecrack commented on the surprising health of the Swedish football team who managed to field a full 11 despite the reported plague winds howling through each and every Swedish hamlet.

AdzStats🙂 🇬🇧/🇮🇷 on Twitter: “I’m confused. Watching Sweden vs Ukraine, but I’m not sure how it’s possible for there to be a Swedish team… If Neil Ferguson was right (and lockdowns were needed), Sweden should be a post apocalyptic wasteland – no survivors. How did they all survive C0VID?”


This laconic tongue in cheek was a brief reminder that Sweden was once the redoubt of lockdown recalcitrance which, we were warned, would surely mean the country would be lost to desolation and death.

But while Sweden was subjected to unrelenting scrutiny in 2020, but by late spring 2021 it seemed to slip from that spotlight. Was it because it had failed or because it had succeeded?

A Swedish success story of non-lockdownerism would be an embarrassment for the coronatarian narrative. It does seem strange that Sweden has quietly slipped from the news while other more pressing breakaway stories require the doomsayers attention.

The UK “freedom day” opening required the full attention of the fear mongers, and it is still a focus of dire predictions; though the rising deaths are not happening as predicted. These heroes are firefighting the bushfires of freedom and have no more time for rustling up scenarios of dire endings for the disobedient Swedes.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, the plague-weakened Swedish team went down 2 – 1 to Ukraine after extra time. Another irrelevant fact is that there were 690 Covid cases in Sweden on the day they played Ukraine, and 2 deaths. Their opposition had 690 cases also and 5 deaths that day.

On the same day the UK (approximately 10 times the population of Sweden) had 23 deaths and 20,033 cases, and Ireland (approximately half the population of Sweden) had 1 death and 342 cases.

These figures might not mean an awful lot as each country has its own demographics and infrastructure and unique sets of circumstances.  What is much more revealing though is the comparative graphs of deaths and cases in Sweden and any other country you wish to compare with.

Sweden’s daily Covid-19 deaths are presently at approximately zero. The last Covid death was recorded on July 30th – and the death with Covid previous to that was on July 24th. Despite concerns about the Delta variant, the number of cases hasn’t risen as it has elsewhere.

This is all very interesting considering that Sweden dropped their last remaining mask mandate for public transport on July 1st. The Delta and gamma variant is not causing them to reconsider.

This image produced by the Daily Mail indicates that Sweden might just be done with the Covid scare.


Source: Daily Mail:

Sweden’s graphs of deaths and cases does not show the predicted sea of deaths which the “scientific” mathematical models so confidently predicted. Remember, it was widely reported that Imperial College’s Neil Fergusson said Sweden would have 85,000 deaths within months, although Imperial College, in a damage control scramble, now contests they ever said that.

The graphs of these vital statistics of deaths and cases trend similarly in Sweden as they do in any randomly selected country. Sweden, with only minimal restrictions has had a similar death toll to the average European country. This story is not going as the lockdowners predicted. One feels this is causing them considerable resentment.

Across Europe there has been a Covid fatality rate of 152 deaths/100,000 people. In Sweden that number is slightly lower at 143 deaths/100,000.

The graphs and the figures tell us that, despite their almost non-existent lockdown policies, Sweden experienced nothing unusual in terms of Covid fatality and Covid Cases. Covid transmission, and Covid fatalities in Sweden has been indescernible from the same measurements in many countries with draconian lockdowns, so it looks like lockdowns made no difference on this measure.

Lockdowns had huge impacts on every other vector of course. But the really telling, and hopeful news, is that the graphs of Swedish cases and deaths also indicate that Sweden might be done with the pandemic.

As well as being a huge embarrassment for the fear mongers who said that Sweden would be an outlier with massive casualties, Sweden might just be encouraging people to fight back against the smothering control of elitist propaganda.

For months, the country was painted as a black sheep whose name should not be mentioned except maybe with the associated prefix of “misinformation.” What we have found in the last year is that with restrictions on movement and the concerted media campaign of control and fear, people’s ability to verify stories from afar is very limited. People in New York think that Floridians are dying in the streets by the thousands. For the sake of keeping up the controlled narrative people in Ireland have a mental image of Texans and Swedes dying in their droves every day outside overcrowded hospitals. No amount of proof has been able to penetrate this cognitive dissonance.

Lockdown has been cheered on by the scared professional class while delivery drivers, who are high amongst the infected and recovered numbers, disregard the nonsense.

It should be noted that Anders Tegel, Sweden’s Chief Epidemiologist, has not said that the threat of the epidemic has passed. He has said that the higher contagion of the Delta variant meant that it has spread more rapidly amongst the young. He also said that they should concentrate on protecting the immune-compromised and elderly with booster vaccines.

He said “The assessment is that it is not possible to eradicate the virus and therefore vaccination work should be long-term and focused on reducing serious illness and death.”

The spread of the delta variant amongst the young, who have high resistance to the deadly effect of Covid, is obviously bringing Sweden closer to that scorned objective of herd immunity. But as Tegel says, Covid is with us, it won’t be eradicated, it is endemic. This is as universal a truth as exists, and no amount of mad decrees about zero-covid from NPHET can change that reality.

We will all get it eventually, and wouldn’t it be better to catch it when you are young and healthy than in your 80’s when it might very well kill you. As Tegel points out the immune-compromised should get preferential treatment for vaccines and treatment, but for the rest of us, we need to get back to reality.

While we’re at it, maybe we should also do as this wiseacre says and “shut down the government for two weeks to slow the spread of totalitarianism”

Cecil Charles on Twitter: “I think we need to shut down the government for two weeks to slow the spread of totalitarianism. Don’t worry, Senator, it’s only ‘two weeks.’ 😈” / Twitter


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