Disgraced Loughnane expelled from People Before Profit

Joe Loughnane, a People Before Profit election candidate in Galway and the founder of the Galway Anti-Racism Network [GARN], has been expelled from People Before Profit following a meeting of their Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee said that there was no place in PBP for Joe following ‘his violent attack on a former partner’.

Mr Loughnane was a regular contributor to Irish media, and had written for the Journal.ie. For a brief period last year Joe seemed to be one of the rising stars of PBP, having had his media profile rise considerably after he called TD Noel Grealish racist following comments made by Deputy Grealish at a public meeting in Oughterard.

However, in September of 2019 Gript revealed that he had a history of abusive behaviour, including the use of racially charged slurs, and telling people to take their own lives.

We also revealed that Mr Loughnane had previously appeared in court in relation to two counts of assault against members of the Gardai. More details on that story HERE

In January of this year we reported that Mr Loughnane was recording saying that he had ‘sorted a lot of drugs for a lot of people in this city’. Mr Loughnane later admired that the recording was legitimate and that he had made such a statement.

We reached out to PBP for comment on the recording of Mr Loughnane admitting to facilitating the sale of drugs, but we received no response from them.

More details on that story HERE.

Finally, in February, Mr Loughnane was accused of assault by his former partner, Rosin Bowyer, a prominent Sinn Fein activist.

Mr Loughnane initially denied that he had touched Ms Bowyer, before saying that he wished to apologize for his behaviour. That led to the unusual situation of PBP suspending Mr Loughnane immediately and calling for voters not to vote for Mr Loughnane, despite the fact he was their own candidate.

Mr Loughnane has announced that he will be resigning from all organisations that he campaigns with.

That story can be read HERE.

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