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Democrats sweep Georgia Senate Seats as Trump faces final D-Day

The happiest man in America today? Joe Biden.

At the time of writing, only one of the two US Senate Elections in the state of Georgia has been officially called, with Democrat Raphael Warnock unseating Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler. The other race, featuring Democrat John Ossoff against Republican Senator David Purdue, has not been officially called, but it’s as good as over: Ossoff will win.

That means that the Democrats will have unified control over the US Government, controlling the Presidency, the US House of Representatives, and the US Senate, starting at noon on January 20th.

The silver lining for Republicans is that the Democrats have majorities, but very narrow majorities, in both chambers. That creates opportunities for Joe Biden, but also a very large political problem, in that it will be hard to pass legislation (it will only take one Democrat to block anything he wants to do) but it will also be hard to blame Republicans for a failure to pass legislation (because it will require one Democrat to block anything he wants to do).

That is, however, the only silver lining.

Until yesterday, Republicans could plausibly have hoped to block some of Mr. Biden’s more colourful (in a political sense) cabinet appointees; prevented him from appointing radical judges to the Federal Courts; and forced him to negotiate on the budget and other economic matters. In one fell swoop, the voters of Georgia took that power away from them last night.

Why? Well, experts are agreed on the answer: Donald Trump’s campaign against the Presidential Election results, in which he has persistently argued that the election was stolen, persuaded just enough Republican voters that there was no point voting. Erick Erickson, one of the most prominent right-wingers in the state of Georgia, is furious:

And what of Trump himself? As the results were coming in, what did he have to say for himself? Well, he wasn’t that interested, and was much more focused on proceedings in the US Capitol today, where the electoral college votes will formally be counted:


That tweet is, of course, complete nonsense. For one thing, Vice President Pence has no power under the constitution, or any other mechanism, to stop the electoral college votes from being counted. His role is simply to preside over proceedings – a purely ceremonial job.

For another thing, there are no states – zero, nada, none, zilch – presently preparing, or prepared, to reverse the results of the November election and award their votes to Trump. The President of the United States is living in a fantasy world.

It is worth noting for our readers, some of whom still believe very firmly that the US election was stolen, that it simply was not. Despite over 60 court cases, endless hearings by Republican controlled state legislatures, and Trump controlling the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department, not one single case or investigation has produced any tangible evidence that the election in November was rigged.

It is certainly arguable that the pandemic-induced changes to voting laws in some key states ultimately advantaged Democrats and disadvantaged Republicans, but those changes were endorsed, almost uniformly, by Republicans last summer. It’s not cheating if the other side plays by the very rules you agreed to.

In fact, Trump almost certainly screwed himself, just like he almost certainly screwed his party out of two Senate seats last night. By constantly telling his own voters that the electoral system could not be trusted, fewer of them voted. Democrats ran up huge advantages in mail in voting, but only after Trump spent the summer and the autumn telling Republicans not to vote by mail.

Trump will remain in power for two more weeks. After that, the Democrats have the wheel, at least for the next two years, until the mid-term elections when Congress is up for re-election. Republicans would be wise to hope that Mr. Trump decides to take a well-earned retirement, and hand leadership of the party over to someone else.

Mr. Biden’s life got easier, last night, but he will be vulnerable to defeat in 2024. For that to happen, though, Republicans will have to take their heads out of their backsides, and focus on appealing to the voters who are being repelled, in their millions, by Mr. Trump’s petulant nonsense.

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