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Democrat presidents embolden Putin far more than Trump did

If there’s one thing that the West’s mainstream media is certain of, it’s this: that Donald Trump is a puppet of Vladimir Putin, and a stooge for the Russian government.

This is a talking point which has been repeated ad infinitum, not only by the media, but by celebrities, and even Trump’s political opponents to hinder him electorally. Even with Trump out of office for over a year, it’s still regularly raised to this day as a stick to beat him with and tarnish his reputation.

Now, repeating something endlessly about your most hated enemy doesn’t make it true, and the merits of this claim are dubious to put it mildly.

For example, take the Russian analyst who was arrested and charged with lying to the FBI for his work on the now discredited Steele dossier. Additionally, the Mueller Report found no evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and Russia.

These are not insubstantial facts, and there are many more like them. But rather than getting into the done-to-death quagmire of whether or not Trump is in Russia’s back pocket, let’s instead look at Putin’s behaviour under Trump compared to his behaviour under recent Democrat presidents.

First of all, the annexation of Crimea.

Many of us remember the dramatic way in which Putin’s Russia seized the Crimean peninsula, annexing a land held by the Ukrainian government. Around the same time, he gave the green light for troop deployments into Ukrainian-held territory and pro-Russian forces occupied the Black Sea region.

This shocked the world, drawing widespread condemnation at the time.

What is the significance of bringing this up, you ask? Well it just so happens that this took place in 2014, during Barack Obama’s second term as US president. Under Obama, Putin invaded and seized an entire region of Ukrainian territory by force.

Fast forward to 2022, where Putin has now given the order to invade Ukraine once again.

And who currently occupies the White House? Well, Joe Biden – yet another Democrat leader.

Note that nothing comparable to this can be found during Trump’s term of office. Putin did not invade or seize any Eastern European lands while the Orange Man was in power.

Taking the “Trump is a Russian puppet” thing at face value, then, one has to wonder: why does Putin only become bold, aggressive and ultra-confident when Democrats are in power, but not when his “puppet” held the reigns?

Surely if Donald Trump was a “Russian agent” as some have ludicrously claimed, then as soon as he got elected, Putin would have begun to throw his weight around far more, knowing that his stooge American president would give him carte blanche and look the other way as he bullied Europe?

On the contrary, Putin was on his best behaviour under Trump (at least compared to his current antics). And then when the Democrats got in – people who are supposedly antagonistic to the Russian – he suddenly became emboldened enough to start kicking down other countries’ doors and invading. It doesn’t really add up, does it?

It’s not hard to see why Putin would walk all over Democrat presidents either.

Take, for example, Barack Obama threatening Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with force if he used chemical weapons, calling the issue a “red line.”

Then, when reports came out that Bashar had used chemical weapons, Obama sought a peaceful solution instead. The whole episode stank of weakness, and signaled to the world that “When you get a threat from the US, don’t take it too seriously, because we’ll probably just talk it out.” Not exactly a big deterrent to a strongman like Putin.

The same goes for Biden’s mortifying retreat from Afghanistan, which is widely agreed to be the most crushing US military defeat since the Fall of Saigon. Not only was Putin emboldened by this, but so were all of America’s enemies, such as China, who are now seriously threatening Taiwan.

Trump, on the other hand, for all his faults, meant what he said, and said what he meant on foreign policy. You can love or hate it, but this is the same man who killed Qassem Soleimani, one of the highest ranking Iranian officials, to send a message to the Iranian government that he was not to be trifled with. That message was clearly received by Russia and other American adversaries.

You can love or hate Donald, but one thing is certain: Putin seems to have a field day under Democrat presidencies in a way he’d never dare to attempt under Trump.

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