Defence Forces recall and re-print annual review after “far right” slur

The Defence Forces have re-called all printed editions of the annual Defence Forces Review and have agreed to print replacement copies, after the originals included material describing as a “far right” publication in an article by DCU academic Livia Margna.

Solicitors acting on behalf of contacted the Defence Forces and secured the removal of the reference, and a full re-print of the publication.

Commenting, Editor John McGuirk said:

“The use of “far right” as a slur for people with whom you disagree is an occurrence which is becoming all too common, and much too widely accepted, in Irish society. This article, appearing as it did in the Defence Forces review, presented as a threat to the very security of the state.

Therefore, it was important to us that the record be corrected, and we are grateful that the Defence Forces have agreed to do so. exists to provide a space for alternative views to those that dominate the mainstream media landscape, and to cover news that occasionally gets ignored due to the ideological disposition of journalism in Ireland. We aim always to be reasonable, thoughtful, and professional. Disagreeing with our content is perfectly acceptable, but mischaracterising it as “far right” is dishonest, unfair, and unacceptable”

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