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Cruelty Cloaked in Compassion

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Dave Wall
10 days ago

I have seen men dressed as women in work places and it made me think how uncomfortable it must be for their colleagues. Not too long ago they would have been told to dress appropriately for work. I read that in the UK mental illness is endemic amongst teenagers who are totally confused about their sexuality. I can’t see how this is somehow progress for society. This article points out the harm it is doing to women which is overlooked by the idiots who defend all this madness.

David Sheridan
10 days ago

Male and Female He created them……..the Truth will set you free.

10 days ago

Why is it when Graham linehan was on rte radio last week talking about this, the interviewer was on the attack he was even hurtful to GL bringing up his family and his children. It was hard to listen to, GL was good and held it together. At the end of the program it was mentioned that teni and belong to were asked to participate in the program but didn’t come on to talk. What’s going on with all of this it’s just unreal.

Jeremy Warren
9 days ago

It seems so obvious to me that gender is a mindset, and biological sex is a ‘physical’ fact confirmed by genetalia.
If a man wants to change his gender beyond mindset/pronouns s/he should first change physical sex by losing male genetalia before being allowed into ‘physical’ female only spaces or partaking in ‘physical’ sports as a female.
How can any other way make sense, let alone become law? Half the population of the world are female, yet there is so little pushback it astonishes me.

9 days ago
Reply to  Jeremy Warren

Jeremy it’s good to see you know reality from fantasy but the elephant in the room here is that Under the influence of these higher testosterone levels, adolescent boys and young men develop even more muscle mass, greater muscle strength, less body fat, higher bone mineral density, greater bone strength, higher hemoglobin concentrations, larger hearts and larger coronary blood vessels, and larger overall statures. So basically once a male has been threw male puberty it’s unfair in every way. Also women have to deal with periods, and all the problems that come with that. Some women have it terrible. It’s really not nice. I hope you will continue to support women, even the ones who are cheering this BS on, one day they will want your support too

Jeremy Warren
8 days ago
Reply to  Paula

I agree with you completely – a male body will usually have developed differently. But how many transmen/boys who want to share female changing rooms and prisons or who are competing in womens sports would be prepared to lose their genetalia first? A completely level playing field might be unattainable but it might put off some of the chancers! And prevent them from physically raping women.

Jos Haynes
7 days ago
Reply to  Jeremy Warren

Aye. Any adult male that claims to be female should be whisked off to a clinic immediately for removal of his penis and testicles. That would put an end to this epidemic of transgenderism that afflicts Western – and only Western, it seems – societies.

A Call for Honesty
7 days ago

This article makes an important point that the transgender movement is cruel but there is a signifcant matter it did not raise. I will use an analogy to explain. When a slim school girl or young woman believes she is fat or fearful of becoming fat and keeps eating less and wastes away, she is described as anorexic. We do not as “a matter of respect” accept her view of herself but say she is deluded and needs counselling. If we respected her view, we would justify her actions. That would be cruel because she would be dissuaded from seeking the right help.

When a girl believes she has been born in the wrong body and is a boy, she is similarly deluding herself while in need of good counselling. She most certainly does not need chemical and surgical “treatment” to make her outwardly appear to be the gender she claims to be. Chemical and surgical treatments have their place in treating cancer but cannot change our genetic makeup. We are born either male or female and die with the same genes. Gender transition is a perverse and harmful action. No law or court ruling can change this. To try to do this is not only cruel and wicked but both harmful and destructive.

Conor Logan
10 days ago


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Frank McGlynn
5 days ago

1984 is here and is even worse than the dystopian world imagined by George Orwell.

In the light of his recent political statements, would you vote for Conor McGregor if he ran for election?

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