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“Cruel”: Scottish MP under fire as ‘Bye baby’ sign used at pro-abortion protest

Scottish MP Tommy Sheppard has come under fire for taking part in a protest supporting abortion where a “Bye baby” sign was used. The sign was lambasted online as being “disrespectful and cruel” – especially as baby loss awareness week was being marked internationally.

The protest took place at a sexual health clinic in Edinburgh on Tuesday 12 October.

The Scottish National Party politician has been an MP for Edinburgh East since May 2015 and is the SNP spokesperson in the House of Commons. He is also known for founding the Stand Comedy Clubs in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, he posted a photo smiling outside the facility alongside grinning pro-abortion protesters, with the caption: “HAPPENING NOW. Delighted to join these woman (sic) at a local sexual health clinic and support their protest against the “vigil” for a couple of anti-abortionists attempting to intimidate woman (sic) who are seeking help.”

Tommy Sheppard MP on Twitter: “💥HAPPENING NOW💥 Delighted to come and join these woman at a local sexual health clinic and support their protest against the “vigil” by a couple of anti-abortionists attempting to intimidate woman who are seeking help.


One of the signs said “I had an abortion, yay!!!!” while another shockingly read: “Bye baby!”


The comments underneath the post conveyed obvious disgust at the display, with one person writing: “‘Bye baby’ is sickening”.

“‘Bye baby’? Seriously?” another asked.

Other users called on Mr Shepphard to apologise, noting that it was baby loss awareness week (which runs every year from the 9th – 15th October).

“This is abhorrent, insensitive, and highly innapropriate. (sic)


“Mr Shepherd, on reflection, I think you should be considering an apology. Perhaps you should be considering your position. I’d like to think that your party leaders are considering your position. #BabyLossAwarenessWeek”.


Another woman underlined what she called the cruelty of the messaging, writing: “Wow this is interesting! Most pro choice people I’ve spoke to would consider that the baby is in fact cells and not a baby, yet the poster at the back has a statement of bye baby…. That’s heart breaking. I’m not against people having their own opinions but that’s just cruel”.

Of the female protester holding the ‘Bye baby!’ sign, one person wrote:

“Scandalous bye baby obviously she knows it’s a living being,” while another called out the hypocrisy of the group: “”Bye Baby”? And these same people find prayer vigils offensive!”

“Wait! wait! I thought it was not a baby. So confused,” another hypocrisy-slamming Tweet read.

“You must’ve looked behind to see what the background to your publicity shot would look like. Why was it okay to include “bye bye baby” as a part of your promo? Very bad publicity shot Tommy Bad message,” another Twitter user said in a sharp message directed towards Mr Shepphard.

Someone else simply replied, “Bye baby. So sad.”

“Bye baby” is surely much more disrespectful than a prayer vigil in a situation where feelings run high on both sides,” someone else pointed out.

The shocking display came on the same day a majority of Northern Ireland’s political parties voted to criminalise pro-life outreaches and prayer vigils taking place outside of abortion facilities in the north, labelling the public witnesses as “intimidating” and “unacceptable.”

Some disputed the allegations against pro-life supporters, calling into question the legitimacy of abortion activists. Examples:

“Attempting to intimidate women? I went past them yesterday and it was a couple of OAPs holding a placard.”

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