Angeli Rose Gomez with her children. (C: Facebook)

Cops handcuffed a mother in Uvalde shooting but she got into school to save her kids

A mother who ended up jumping a fence and running inside the school building to save her children, says the police at first handcuffed her when she arrived on the scene at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde. 

Angeli Rose Gomez told the Wall Street Journal that she drove 40 miles to the Uvalde school and was one of a large number of parents begging the police officers to enter the school to take out 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos.

She said she was handcuffed by a US Marshall for intervening in an investigation during Tuesday’s deadly shooting.

However, the mother of a second-grader and a third-grader said she knew some of the local Uvalde police officers and persuaded them to ask the marshals to remove the handcuffs.

She then left the crowd, jumped the fence, ran inside the building and grabbed her two children leading them to safety, she said.

That fatal day, it took almost an hour before Ramos was killed by a US Border Patrol tactical team, authorities said. In that time, he gunned down 19 school children and two teachers.

The brave mum said she decided to speak out about her experience because she said the police were “doing nothing”. 

“They were just standing outside the fence,” she said. “They weren’t going in there or running anywhere.” The US Marshalls have denied Ms Gomez’s claims that she was handcuffed at the scene. 

The New York Post reports that some fathers also hopped the school fence and broke classroom windows to try to find their kids. 

Public anger is growing in the US at reports that it took police more than 40 minutes to storm the classroom where the gunman had barricaded himself even as desperate children phoned 911 begging for help. 

Distressing videos which capture the heartbreaking cries of parents who begged police to intervene have gone viral. 

Ms Gomez said she saw police taser a dad, and tackle another to the ground, and that pepper spray was used on another. 

“They didn’t do that to the shooter, but they did that to us,” Ms Gomez told the Journal. “That’s how it felt.


Twenty-one people, including 19 third- and fourth-grade children, were killed in the attack, law enforcement officials said. Two teachers were killed, as well. Another 17 people were wounded, including three law enforcement officers. Ramos’ grandmother, who police say was the accused gunman’s first victim, is hospitalized in stable condition.

The families of some of the children who died have released their photographs to Reuters who have published this heart-breaking tribute.


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