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Chinese Defector with reported Covid origin information named

United States sources have reportedly revealed the identity of the Chinese defector who has been at the centre of revelations regarding what took place at the Wuhan virology institute. His information has, as previously reported, re-opened the investigation into the origin of Covid 19.

The information comes from a tweet by another defector, Han Lianchao, who left China following the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. Han is regarded as a reliable source, although none of the information has of yet been officially confirmed.

The person in question is said to be Dong Jingwei who came to America via Hong Kong with his daughter in February. Dong has been named as a vice Minister in Chinese state security, a leading counter intelligence official within the Guoanbu or MSS.

That would make him the highest ranking Chinese defector in the history of the People’s Republic of China.

It is being claimed that the Chinese demanded Dong’s return during a meeting held in March between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Sources are claiming that Blinken refused, but that he was unaware of Dong’s being in the care of the Defence Intelligence Agency at that time. As apparently were the CIA and FBI.

Among the intelligence allegedly supplied by Dong are reports on research into and possible bioweapon use of Covid; the names of United States citizens working for Chinese intelligence; names of Chinese operatives working in the US; and information on how Chinese intelligence penetrated CIA communications, and were able to capture Chinese citizens who were in contact with that agency.

Of potentially seismic proportions, if proven, are claims regarding Dong’s knowledge of something that most of the media went to great lengths to conceal during the American Presidential election – namely, the nature of Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s relationship with China and allegations that he may have been compromised.

While intelligence sources are urging caution with regard to the veracity or otherwise of the series of claims regarding Dong, it is notable that they have not been dismissed. No-one has disputed that Dong held a high position withing the Chinese Communist elite, and it is accepted that he had been close to President Xi.

It has also been noted that the official Chinese State Council page no longer lists vice Ministers and there have been no reports of Dong since the alleged defection took place.

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