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China accused of genocide after investigations find China systematically sterilising ethnic minorities

A new report, based on leaked Chinese government documents, has said that the Chinese government has been systematically sterilizing women from ethnic minorities. According to the report the Chinese government has also put in place mandatory birth control and forced abortions for women from certain ethnic backgrounds.

According to Dr Adrian Zenz, the author of the report, the sterilisation campaigns seem to be centred in the autonomous region of Xinjiang, in the northwest of China. The region is home to numerous ethic minorities, included the Uyghurs and the Sibe.

A separate investigation by the Associated Press [AP] has also said that they have found evidence of forcible sterilisations, abortions, and mandatory birth control. Both investigations say that the sterilisation programs appear to be directly run by the Communist Party of China [CCP].

In the two largest Uyghur prefectures growth rates have collapsed, falling by 84% between 2015 and 2018, with a further decline in 2019. Xinjiang has 1.8% of China’s population, but makes up 80% of all new IUD placements performed in China.

CCP documents state that women who refuse to take birth control, or who manage have more children then deemed acceptable, are to be interned in “training” camps. The CCP is currently estimated to have interned over 1 million Ughyurs.

At the same time the CCP is working to move in ethnic Han Chinese residents into the region in large numbers by promising high wages, free housing, and other government subsidies. One region promised young Han families, aged 18-35, 5.8 acres of arable land, government jobs with high page, a brand new 40-80 square meter apartment with four years of free rent, medical benefits, and monthly state subsidy payments.

Experts are now saying that the activities carried out by the Chinese Government meet the definition of Genocide as defined by Article 2 of the U.N. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

The full report can be read HERE.

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