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Child molestor to walk free after sex change, no longer considered a threat

The Iowa attorney general’s office is preparing to release 23-year-old Josie Smith, formerly Joseph Matthew Smith, who had been found guilty of child molestation in 2014.

The decision to no longer seek his commitment comes after Smith began taking medication in 2017 to lower his testosterone levels as part of his “potential preparation” for transgender reassignment surgery.

Having been advised that Smith no longer has the same sex drive as a man, spokeswoman for the AG’s office Lynn Hicks said there is not enough proof to show Smith has a “significant chance of re-offending,” and that “an offender’s hormone levels are an important part of substantiating an offender’s likelihood of recidivism.”

Hicks encouraged the public not to “overreact” to his upcoming release, saying Smith will be subject to reporting requirements and supervision “for the rest of her life.”

The Iowa Sex Offender Registry shows Smith was previously found guilty of abusing two children under the age of 13; one, a female victim in 2012, and the other a male victim in 2014.

Furthermore, a preliminary report prepared for the state of Iowa by Dr. Jeffrey Davis claimed he may have molested as many as 15 victims, ranging from 1 to 13-years-old, before being imprisoned in 2015.

Whereas that report found Smith had a greater than 20% chance of re-offending within five years of his release, making it more likely he would not be detained in a correctional facility, now that Smith identifies as a woman and has lower testosterone levels he is considered significantly less likely to re-offend under Iowa statute.

Smith himself, who has never been in a serious relationship, was abused as a 7-year-old boy in Louisiana.

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