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Chechen warlord on Russia’s next target: “After Ukraine, Poland”

A top ally of Vladimir Putin has stated his intention to invade Poland if Russia’s war against Ukraine is won.

Ramzan Kadyrov is the leader of the Republic of Chechnya, which is a majority-Muslim territory within the Russian Federation. Late last year, he was promoted to the rank of Colonel General by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Speaking on Telegram about Poland’s lack of weaponry, he said: “Now Poland will also beg for weapons from the [United] States. This decision was announced by Marcin Przydacz, head of the International Policy Bureau in the Office of the Polish President.”

He added: “As part of supporting Ukraine, Warsaw has managed to deplete its own military resources, and now it is confused: What if, after the successful completion of the NMD (National Missile Defence), Russia begins to denazify and demilitarise the next country?”

By this he was likely referring to the fact that several NATO member states are reportedly becoming concerned that they have poured too many weapons into Ukraine in military aid, and in doing so have left themselves vulnerable.

He continued: “After all, after Ukraine, Poland is on the map!”

He went on to say that he would like to see Russia invade Poland after the Ukraine war.

“Frankly, I personally have such an intention, and I have repeatedly stated that the fight against Satanism should continue throughout Europe and, first of all, on the territory of Poland.”

He hinted that the Polish region of Silesia may be an area Russia wishes to “liberate.”

“In July the annual Silesian Autonomy March will take place, which each time attracts more and more participants,” he said.

“For me, this region of Poland has earned a special independent status, and a referendum is urgently needed there.”

He added that Russia would provide “organisational assistance” in this referendum.

“Ask Poland,” he said. “Ask your masters.

Furthermore, according to Metro, he added: “We will fight through, and get to Poland.”

He reportedly urged “calm” over the newly-donated Western tanks sent to Ukraine, saying: “These tanks mean nothing at all.”

Kadyrov has been accused by numerous human rights organisations of brutal repressions against his political opponents, including assassinations and torture – allegations which he denies. Human Rights Watch has accused him of perpetrating crimes against humanity.




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