Callum Robinson 2. Nanny State 0

That wasn’t the actual heading on the RTÉ website, but it pithily captured the rather fitting end to Callum Robinson’s week in the spotlight of vaccine infamy.


Never was the phrase “from zero to hero” perhaps better encapsulated than in Robinson’s having scored two goals in Ireland’s 3 – 0 victory over Azerbaijan.

Gavin Cummiskey – in a volte face worthy of Ted Brockman the newsreader from the Simpsons when the welcomed the Ant overlords – appears to have forgotten his own part in the whole saga.

We reported here how Cummiskey had tried to “explain” to Robinson why he ought to have been vaccinated and why stating “my body, my choice” as a rationale for not taking the vaccine was of course a completely different thing to stating “my body, my choice” in support of abortion.

So did the bould Gavin don the sackcloth of humility? Not a bit of it. This was the heading over his report written last night within minutes of the final whistle


It must have been a different Gavin Cummiskey, as it would have been another one entirely who would no doubt have sprinkled his sub Nick Hornby “colour” piece on the Trip to Baku with another stentorian lecture had the game ended differently.

We would have had the entire establishment media again dump on the chap who had endangered the lives of the trim vitamin exuding specimens who had stormed – okay, maybe waddled – out of the pre game presser when it was revealed that our Hemingways were in mortal danger of being killed stone dead.


It would be remiss of us not to mention Joe Duffy whose Liveline ranted against Callum Robinson earlier in the week. He was not forgotten by the Deplorables.


Perhaps, the last word ought to go to the chap himself who when interviewed described himself as a free spirit. As someone else tweeted, perhaps that might remind some of the bullies of what they once were …


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