“Bullying”: Woman reportedly heckled out of feminist rally over trans sign

A woman was heckled out of a feminist rally in Dublin because she held a sign which is reported to have said “biology is not bigotry.”

The event took place outside the Dáil at the National Women’s Council of Ireland’s Women’s Day event, which was widely promoted by various NGOs and political parties. The event was reported to have been attended by several hundred people.

“Someone was holding up a transphobic sign at the International Women’s Day rally,” said one attendee.

“People surrounded them on all sides to block the view and the crowd chanted “trans rights are human rights” until they gave up and left.” The user included a heart emoji to signal her approval of this reaction.

However, the sign in question was not shown, and was deliberately blocked out in photos from critics, including one user who covered it with a a black square that read “TERF Sign” (TERF standing for “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist”).

The sign is reported to have said “Biology Is Not Bigotry” – implying that it’s not bigoted to say that biological men are not women. This is reportedly the sign which resulted in the woman being heckled out of the event by members of the crowd, including males.

There was, however, significant backlash on social media to the alleged treatment of the woman.

“#BiologyIsNotBigotry sign is not transphobic,” said one user.

“Shame on these women for bullying on behalf of men at an International Women’s Day event.”

“Men, crowding out a woman, on women’s day,” said another. “The face of progress.”

Still another said: “Otherwise known as woman-hating, woman bullying and threatening behaviour towards women. But you do you.”

Irish Feminist Group “The Countess” said:

“Our solidarity with the brave woman who was surrounded and hounded from the NWCI IWD rally today for holding a sign saying: ‘Biology is not Bigotry’.” #WeWillBeHeard.”



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