Budget 2023: Gov announces New Tax on Unoccupied Homes

Homes occupied less than 30 days per year

The government has announced a new levy on unoccupied homes in budget 2023. 

The tax will be calculated at 3 times the basic rate of property tax costs and will apply to homes occupied less than 30 days per year and will be based on a self assessment criteria. 

The basic Local Property Tax (LPT) of a house in county Dublin valued between 200,000 and 262,500 is currently 225 per annum with a Local Authority Reduction of 34 resulting in an annual bill of  €191 for houses of that value. 

Speaking on RTE radio Social Democrat Roisin Shorthall said her party had wanted to see a 10% levy on such homes saying the government’s proposal was “derisory” as it accounts for only 0.3% of the value of the house.  

“In my view it will ultimately be meaningless in the coming years”, she said. 

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