This is not an article about cannibalism, but something which has led to cannibalism – socialism. Socialism is popular today among young college going students and people in their 30s and 40s. This is confirmed by survey after survey in the USA which reveals a decline in support for capitalism.

Support for individual policies that can be described as socialist in nature is also high. Curiously, this is not matched by a corresponding positive view of the many disastrous attempts at socialism implemented in dozens of countries throughout the 20th century. If you ask supporters of socialism and socialist policies about well-known examples such as the Soviet Union, Maoist China or Venezuela, the response is generally negative. In the case of Venezuela, they may play the “US sanctions” card but generally condemn those examples. The proponents of socialism today have managed to distance themselves from historical and contemporary examples of socialism by dismissing them as distortions of the socialist ideal – the common ‘not real socialism’ claim which has become widely accepted. When someone uses this excuse to avoid the indefensible horrors of 20th century socialism they stray into a realm of masturbatory utopianism. What they really mean is – that Stalin character wasn’t such a good guy and he didn’t know how to implement the Marxist doctrines. Me, on the other hand, of pure heart, would have implemented them successfully and the utopia would have come in by now.

Firstly, if you think that, there’s something wrong with you and you’re dangerous. Secondly, let’s say for a second that some ‘saint’ did get a hold of the tools of power and tried to implement “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”, in a pure manner, here’s what would happen. The next people in the revolutionary string, like Stalin, would stab them in their sleep and that would be the end of that. There is no excuse for that sort of low-resolution thinking.

If you read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago, as everyone should, because it is one of the definitive writings on this sort of thing, he lays out with absolute clarity exactly how the pernicious and pathological Marxist doctrines were transformed logically and systematically, into laws that lead to the deaths of millions of people. There were people starving so badly in 1920’s Soviet Union that they had posters telling them not to eat their own children.

“People who eat one other because of the famine are not cannibals. Cannibals are those who don’t want to redistribute the church’s gold to the starving.” and “Don’t forget it’s wrong to eat your children”.

We have been down this road before so why are we entertaining the notion that these ideas are an alternative to our current system?

One of the reasons these ideas just will not die is that communist and Marxist ideology is very good at addling the weak minds of idiot intellectuals, particularly the French, who espouse the idea that the ethics encased within Marxist doctrines are somehow superior to the conventional order of the west. To give an example of their reprehensible actions, let’s look at Cambodia – another fine example of socialism. When the revolution occurred, one of the things the new regime did was decide that the people who dwelled in the cities were parasites on those who produced the food in the countryside. They emptied out the cities, sent millions to work in the fields and an estimated six million died in this forced labour escapade. The chief architect of this – Khieu Samphan – received his PhD from the Sorbonne.

In it, he detailed exactly what he was going to do when he returned to Cambodia and was cheered on by the French intellectuals who thought that that was just a fine idea. This is just one example. For decades, the horrors of the Soviet Union and other Marxist-communist states went largely ignored by the academic class who continued to push these pernicious doctrines onto the youth.

This changed with the publication of the Gulag Archipelago in the 1970’s.

It was so brilliant and overwhelming in its intellectual, historical, and emotional power that it became impossible for anyone to continue to claim that Marxism/communism had any intellectual integrity whatsoever. He won the Nobel Prize and played a role in the ultimate downfall of the Soviet Union because once word got out about the internal horrors of the Soviet system, it became impossible to push for the exportation of the worker’s utopia around the world. The western intellectuals who refused to accept this reality attempted to blame it on Stalin and his ‘cult of personality’ and perversion of the original Marxist doctrines. Lenin, they said, died so young that he was unable to implement true socialism or true communism and he was a good guy. Unfortunately for them, Solzhenitsyn put an end to this argument. He documented the axioms of Marxist/communist thoughts and the laws that were generated, primarily by Lenin, which led to the construction of the gulag forced labour camps, the mass murders, and the causal relationship between them. He put it all squarely at the feet of Lenin. This was a major blow to the western Marxist intellectuals because it undermined the remaining argument in favour of the ideology.

And so, we come to today where the argument put forward by the radical left-wing apologists is that of ‘well that wasn’t real socialism’. This is fine but for the fact that in every country in the world where these doctrines have been implemented, regardless of the wide cultural differences, the same thing happened. From the Soviet Union, to China, Cambodia, Venezuela, and today in North Korea where over 50 years of barbaric, communist rule has resulted in every person being malnourished or starving to death, where everyone lives in terror all the time and just like in the Soviet Union and Maoist China, it survives on the use of forced labour camps.

The horrors of the systems produced by the same doctrines still taught in our universities today – in the guise of equality – are endless. It is reprehensible that it is not widespread knowledge that upwards of 40 million people died in the Soviet Union or over 100 million people died in Maoist China during the ‘great leap forward’. That was quite the leap. The brutal consequences of the doctrines of Marxism, socialism, and communism on the autonomy of the individual, freedom of speech, a free press, the human mind, and society in general is not common knowledge among our youth. Is it any wonder that they look positively on Marx and socialist policies?

Contrastingly, most students will have at least a basic knowledge of the horrors of Nazism and the holocaust but will likely look at you confused when you explain that Nazism is actually National Socialism – doctrine grounded in theory penned by Giovanni Gentile, the father of Fascism. Gentile, a committed socialist, found inspiration in none other than Karl Marx when compiling his manifesto. Due to the way history is taught right through the various levels of education, barely any students can describe the brutal repression by the radical left in the 20th century.

The admirers of Marx still dominate our universities today, especially the social sciences and humanities although Marxism has has evolved over time to adopt a new skin – post-modernism – which is responsible for much of the madness around gender ideology and freedom of speech. That itself warrants at least another article but you can learn about it in brief by listening to this episode of the Right Side with Colin Wright  or reading this book by Stephen Hicks.

Of course, this is not widely known, and such is the extent of the rot in our universities, it is no surprise. How can socialism die when we are taught that is an inherently good thing? How can it die when we are taught that capitalism is the root of all evil in today’s world? How can it die when the forced labour and genocide of an entire ethnic people is taking place in real time in China today, yet governments fail to condemn the Chinese?

The social consequences of Marxism cannot be understated when they begin to take hold – as they are now doing in the USA, enabled almost entirely by the immense power of the media and the Democratic Party who have effectively endorsed the radical Marxist agendas of the BLM and Antifa movements. Racial justice has become an attractive, emotional disguise for radical revolutionary Marxism, and this is what we see playing out on the streets of the US daily. I challenge you to name a place where a black person is better off than in America today.

While radical leftist thinking is on the march around the world, the left has made a dreadful and possibly fatal mistake mistake in replacing its traditional working-class ethos with that of identity politics. The working-class needs a voice and it isn’t obvious that it has one now. Yet, the people who purport to speak for the working class are much less about the working man as they are about hating the rich man. They don’t like the poor; they just hate the rich. Today, socialists are not the voices of the working classes, they are dangerous totalitarians who are products of ideologically possessed professors and an education system that is completely warped. Think privately schooled, positively bourgeois “Rise” TD – Paul Murphy or private school, plush Rathgar mansion dwelling, former Fianna Failer, Mary-Lou McDonald, leader of Sinn Fein. These are the fools, frauds, and firebrands of the new left, to borrow from the book titled the same, by Roger Scruton.

Look at this recent tweet below from Murphy, a true leader of the revolution.

Working class interests are fundamentally divorced from modern left-wing political parties. This recently gave Boris Johnson the largest win for the Conservative Party since the fabled days of Mrs. Thatcher. Present-day Labour is embodied by the likes of Owen Jones where the old working-class Labour took the form of Denis Skinner – a man who understood the working class and who lost a seat he had held for over four decades as a result of Labours abandonment of what they perceive to be the racist, bigoted, uneducated working classes. This was, in no small part, brought on by the Brexit vote in 2016 that was very much a result of the working classes in Britain turning out to vote in huge numbers.

The radical left and its doctrines were among the most catastrophic things to happen in the 20th century yet a majority of 18-40 year-olds will gleefully subscribe to these same doctrines because of the overwhelming desire for equity and virtue coupled with a deep-rooted resentment towards the west and western capitalism – which has been the most successful system ever incorporated by humanity.

If capitalism is an economic system that rewards motivated, resilient self-starters, then the easiest, most natural fit for a generation of coddled, brittle man-children who shrink from challenges is surely socialism and therein is why it just won’t die.