WATCH: BLM rioter smashed window onto toddler, avoids jail

A Black Lives Matter rioter has avoided jail despite smashing a car window onto a 1 year-old child.

Arguing it was a “very emotional time” for Victor Miles II after the death of George Floyd, the defendant’s lawyer, Eugene Frost,  successfully convinced a Virginia judge to impose a suspended 90-day sentence for the assault and destruction of property charges relating to a BLM protest in Fredericksburg last year.

The assault charge will be removed from Miles’ record if he stays out of trouble for one year.

A group of 200 protestors had blocked a bridge in Fredericksburg, stopping a car with a child and two adults.

Miles, who was 32 at the time, broke a rear window of the car with his scooter, covering the child and one of the adults with glass.


Some 90 percent of cases against BLM rioters following George Floyd’s death were dropped by almost a dozen state prosecutors according to a recent study by The Guardian.
Activists accused police of using arrests as a form of “crowd control”, with the Dallas police department going so far as to say ““the spirit of service to which (they are) committed would not be exemplified by moving forward with charges” on hundreds of people arrested during BLM protests there.
Almost 95 percent of citations were dropped or went unprosecuted in Dallas and Philadelphia following the riots, with Houston and Los Angeles prosecutors dropping 93 percent of cases.
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