Bill Clinton to America: This Trump fella is no good, you know

The Democratic National Convention, which will, tomorrow night, nominate Joe Biden to replace Donald Trump, is well underway. And last night, Bill Clinton gave a typically Bill Clinton speech.

Preceded, of course, by a typically Bill Clinton headline:

God love him, he always seems to end up in these unfortunate situations, doesn’t he?

Anyway, here he is. Not a big fan of his most recent successor as Commander in Chief, unsurprisingly:

Like every other skilled politician, Clinton tells you about half the story here. Yes, the United States response to the Coronavirus has been appallingly bad, but that’s not all on Trump, is it?

The United States has a particular challenge because it has an extraordinarily weak domestic Government, compared to other western countries, in terms of what the Government can or cannot do. Even if Trump had wanted to shut down the country, like Ireland and others did, he did not have the power to do so. If you want to find a culprit for the mess in New York, look no further than Clinton’s old mate Andrew Cuomo, the Governor, for example.

Biden was out last week, for example, calling for a nationwide face-mask wearing mandate. But even he had to concede that if he was President, that wouldn’t be something he could implement. He’d have to call on the Governors of each of the fifty states to do it, and hope that they listened to him.

But none of that matters to Clinton, or the tens of millions who’ll have been nodding along with him last night, their “me too” banners tactfully stowed away for a few minutes.

And besides, much of the speech is a fair cop. If you were looking for an example of strong and steady leadership during the pandemic, you’d be hard pushed to hold up the present occupant of the White House as an avatar of cool-headed decision making. Even in a country with a weak Government in terms of power, much of the Coronavirus response globally has been built on trust. People in Ireland who cancelled family get-togethers didn’t do so because they thought they would be prosecuted – many of them did so because they trusted that the Government was giving them good, consistent, advice, whether they were right or wrong about that.

Trump, on the other hand, has been wildly inconsistent, and Clinton is well within his rights to ding him on that.

But it’s still a bit hard to swallow, coming from this particular man, and this particular party. Clinton’s appearance at the Democratic Convention is a supreme example of the “one rule for thee, another for me” approach of the modern left to cultural issues. The man is, at the most benign interpretation of his record, a serial sexual predator. Any Republican former President who had seduced a 22 year old intern at the age of 50 would be rightly denounced from the rafters by the Democrats for crimes against feminism, and crimes against womankind. Not ol’ Bill though – he gets a free pass. Why? Because he might be worth a few votes in suburban North Carolina.

It’s exactly that kind of rotten hypocrisy, of course, that drives people to choose Mr. Trump, for all his many flaws. You imagine the President might have something to say, along those lines, when he gets his turn at the pulpit for the Republican convention next week.

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