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Bidens climate statements fail environmentalist’s fact check

A former Green advisor to president Obama has a look at Joe Biden’s statements on the environment and says they are nonsense. In a point by point dissection of Biden’s climate assertions, he says Biden fails the fact check.

Joe Biden’s sensationalist environmental claims were reviewed and eviscerated by Environmental campaigner, Michael Scellenberger, who found Biden’s laundry list of climate doom to be completely baseless.

Five hours ago Joe Biden said climate change will “threaten… literally, the existence of our planet” — if, that is, we don’t take global action That is as false as anything Twitter or Facebook have censored And nobody in media have fact-checked it Until now


In response to Biden’s fantastic  claim Shellenberger said climate change “does NOT threaten “the very existence of our planet” That is ridiculous. Not even the most ridiculous apocalyptic environmentalists say that
There was once the idea that Earth could become like Venus but nobody even believes that any more”

Biden made the claim in a broadcast which he issued on December 29th in which he talked about “facing the most daunting threats of our time”.

His speech, which included the usual tired list of climate hysteria and end of earth articles of faith, was received in familiar obsequious fashion from the fawning legacy media.

As nobody else seemed motivated to do the job of journalism, Schellenberger, who has in depth knowledge of the issues, went through a point by point dissection of Biden’s claims.

Biden claimed that without American engagement and leadership
Storms will continue to worsen;
Climate change will continue to threaten the lives and livelihoods and public health

Citing extensive research Shellenberger rebuked all these claims in a 7 piece thread calling them “False”


On Biden’s claim that “Without clear approach from other… emitters… storms will continue to worsen”, Scellenberger said:

“False again! Deaths from hurricanes have declined 90% in 100 years.  Every major scientific review says deaths from disasters will continue to decline,” he said.

Biden said that the U.S was responsible 15% of global emissions, without mentioning that US emissions have decreased in recent years as a result of natural gas fracking which he has promised to stop. He also suggested that America can lead the rest of the world in carbon reductions.

One of the worrying things about Biden’s proposed policy is a commitment to “working” with China to tackle global warming, which his selection of climate envoy, John Kerry, spoke of. No serious commentator believes that China takes this to mean the same thing as naive Climate neurotics want it to mean.

Observers of the Chinese government point out that China’s biggest priority is to overtake western economies, and that they are doing so by expanding their energy sector, with the focus on cheap energy. That means coal fired electricity generating plants. Between them China and India are presently building 634 new coal fired electricity plants.

Furthermore, in an effort to sanction Australia, China has recently stopped importing low emissions anthracite from Australia and are fuelling their coal plants with dirtier, high emissions coal from Mongolia.

The conclusion may be bigger than Biden failing a fact-check, while Beijing is laughing at all of us.




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