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Biden is Irish but not stupid like the rest of us

The United States President Joe Biden made another rambling – and at times incoherent – speech when he appeared at a Town Hall in Newcastle, Delaware last Friday to address a group of veterans.

While much of the online comment touched on the Biden administration’s military disaster in Afghanistan, some -although not of course the Democratic Party Press Office that masquerades as the Irish mainstream media – spotted another gaffe.

As can be clearly heard, Biden remarks, apropos of a previous comment, that “I may be Irish but I am not stupid.” The official White House site passes the whole thing off as a gas thing that your man said – just as they would had he said “I may be Mexican, but I’m not an illegal immigrant.” Joking, of course.  It is also notable that while the official transcript claims that “(Laughter)” was the response, it is not that noticeable I have to say.

As for the President’s ancestral claim based on having had a relation who worked for the English workhouse system during An Gorta Mór, I could refer to Landsman of The Wire questioning McNulty’s “negligible Irish ancestry,” but I will confine my remarks to a few “what ifs.”

Like, what if, say, Boris Johnson had said such a thing? There would have been ructions. Absolute ructions. Or if instead of Irish, Biden had said something like “I may be (fill the blank) but I don’t loot Foot Locker,” or “I may be ….. , but I don’t control all of the banks.”  Anyway, you get the picture. 

Personally, I do not get offended. I suspect not many American Irish do either, and those that might are probably Democrats who are predictable at this stage when it comes to who or who is not on the offence list. It does, however, set your man up for another kick in the arse and whatever about the sincerity of their “hurt” there are lots who have chosen to express it. Sauce for the goose, and so on.

Prolife journalist Mary Margaret Olohan chose to view it as a “hate crime” although I am not certain as to her earnestness in making such a claim.

Others regarded it, facetiously, as an opportunity to get in on the reparations debate.

Jerry Dunleavy of the Washington Examiner and a number of Irish American veterans chose to take a dimmer view.

Anyway, if the worst thing that Biden and the Democrats ever did on Paddy and Patsy was to make a lame joke, rather than his having been part of the US Fed’s bullying of Brian Lenihan to agree to the bank bailout in 2011 when he was our other “friend” Obama’s vice President we might be thankful. 

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