Beds in kitchens for rent as Ireland’s accommodation crisis continues to sink to new lows

As Ireland’s much bemoaned housing and accommodation crisis continues to dominate headlines and conversations around the country, prospective renters are being faced with increasingly outlandish accommodation solutions. 

Beds placed in kitchens and rather pokey looking attic spaces are being advertised as rental opportunities, and not at bargain prices mind you.

Here a double bed has been placed in what appears to be a kitchen complete with a washing machine, oven, and microwave for your convenience. 

While this option will undoubtedly shave some time and effort off tedious tasks like laundering bed clothes, it’s questionable who would want to sleep beside an oven. 

The “studio” described as a “wonderful one bedroom apartment” is available for just €1,479 per month and is located in Clonmore Villas, Ballybough Road, Ballybough, Dublin 3 on a one year minimum lease. 


This twin room is on offer for €1,200 per month or just €300 a week.

Located in Mountain View Drive, Dublin 14, this three bedroom property is owner occupied and use of the downstairs TV and garden are not permitted with the owner requiring that clear communication be observed regarding use of shared spaces like the kitchen. 


This attic apartment with a double bed in Malahide will set you back 1,400 per month or €350 a week.

According to the add, the property is shared by four people and is located conveniently for access to public transport.

This next property is available in Dublin 22 for just 1,000 per month.

You may not be able to stand up straight in parts of it, but the natural light is charming to say the least.

It was previously reported that as many as 70% of young Irish people are considering emigrating in pursuit of a better quality of life. 

Data from the National Youth Council of Ireland found that 7 in 10 young people between the ages of 18 and 24 were considering going overseas “because they believe working overseas offers them better prospects in life.”

This is at a time when the Irish government is reportedly spending over €42 million a month on accommodation for asylum seekers. 

 Looking at the state of the rental market and the governmental mismanagement of the housing crisis makes one wonder how any young person could thrive here in this country. 

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