Barbie Kardashian threatens to rape female officers at Limerick women’s prison

Female prison officers at Limerick Women’s prison were subjected to threats of rape after a confrontation with transgender inmate Barbie Kardashian this week. 

According to a report featured in the Sunday World after the confrontation male officers had to escort the 21 year old biological male back to his prison cell where he is kept isolated from other inmates. 

Kardashian, who was born Gabrielle Alejandro Gentile, is reportedly now subject to a P19 prison disciplinary procedure which could result in the withdrawal of certain privileges. 

As previously reported by Gript, Kardashian  – who was granted a gender recognition certificate in 2020 – was sentenced to five and a half years in jail with the final twelve months suspended for threatening to rape, torture, and kill his own mother. 

In spite of the disturbing nature of his plan to assault his mother, Kardashian has repeatedly been referred to as a female and a ‘homicidal girl’ in Irish media outlets. 

The young man – who is believed to have undergone no hormonal or surgical gender reassignment treatments – has fifteen previous convictions for offences including sexual assault which was committed when Kardashian was just thirteen years old. 

Sentencing judge, Tom O’Donnell, said that the psychiatric reports on Kardashian made for “chilling and disturbing” reading.

At a meeting with a social care worker and accompanied by a guardian Kardashian said, 


“If I got into (my mother’s) house I would run towards her and put the knife into her body and into her genitalia; the thing is, I would want to prolong my mum’s suffering for as long as possible”.

“I would stab her, but not in her heart or neck, I’d want to put her through lots of torture, fear and humiliation”.

“I would bring a screwdriver to insert inside her genitalia because I am a woman and women rape using objects; it would definitely be a long protracted incident, I would want her to bleed out after death after a number of hours, by putting objects into her vagina, pouring boiling water into that area.”


Commenting on Kardashian’s criminal history Justice O’Donnell said, “All  [the assaults] were involving violence and underpin the fact the accused has a tendency towards violence, which is always a concern,”. 

Kardashian’s procurement of a gender recognition certificate under Ireland’s Gender Recognition Act (GRA 2015) means that although he is biologically male he is legally entitled to be held in a female prison facility. 

Minister for Justice Simon Harris recently said that legally speaking prisons in Ireland were not defined as either male or female prisons. 

“it should be noted that Irish prisons are not legally defined as ‘male’ or ‘female’ prisons”, he said. 

His comments came about after he was questioned by independent TD Carol Nolan who said whether Harris had taken note of developments in the UK where transgender prisoners, with male genitalia, who had been convicted of a sexual offence would no longer be held with female prisoners.

In answer to a question on Kardashian’s placement in a women’s prison asked by Gript’s Ben Scallan, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar claimed that he had not been adequately briefed on the case. 


Asked whether in principle he believed that violent biological males should be housed in women’s prison’s Varadkar answered, “No I don’t quite frankly,”. 

Referring to the Scottish case of violent male rapist Isla Bryson (Adam Graham) who was jailed for eight years for raping two women, Varadkar said that if the same situation have now arisen in Ireland that, “we’re going to have to deal with it in a similar way,”. 

Bryson changed his legal sex through the attainment of a gender recognition certificate and was housed in a female prison. 

Cases similar to that of Bryson led to legislative changes in the UK banning biological males convicted of violent or sexual offences, as well as transgender women with male genitals from being held in women’s prisons except in “exceptional circumstances”.

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