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‘Baby Murder Rap’ shows the extent of the cultural rot we need to overcome

Have you ever stumbled across something while scrolling through social media that you wish you hadn’t seen? We’ve probably all been there. I have many times, as someone who probably wastes far too much time on my phone. But coming across a video of a legitimate rap song by a little-known black female rapper tops most of the worst so far.

Debased, degenerative, despicable. Just a few of the words I would choose to describe the ‘music video’ which has been circulating on social media in recent days. The ‘Baby Murder Rap’ probably left many who’ve had the misfortune of coming across it, on the contrary, completely lost for words.

And while I’m writing about it now, in some ways, it’s probably best not to address it at all. Why should we give it airtime? Yet, the existence, and subsequent shocking, giddy celebration of the ‘Baby Daddy Free’, or more aptly named, ‘Baby Murder Rap’ travesty presents us with the perfect example that our culture is rotting. For that reason, I think it’s newsworthy.

I’m referring to the video of a black female rapper in the US twerking, half-naked, along with other black women outside of a Planned Parenthood, as she celebrates the ‘murder’ she can commit, so as to leave her ‘baby daddy free’.

“So I’m a-b-o-r-t-i-n-g. On my way to the clinic / I forgot the Plan B / Let’s Go / I’ve got murder on my mind,” the rapper sings. It’s ghastly. I couldn’t endure the whole video, and switched it off after hearing the first horrifying chorus, a nauseating and eerie-sounding, “Murder. Murder. Murder”. But here’s the clip if you can stomach it:

The non-censored version of the video has racked up close to four million views since being posted just days ago, with comments underneath the clip offering an extended expose of the depressing, saddening, all-encompassing cultural rot which has come to permeate our society. Our culture does not value life, least of all unborn life.

But naive as I was, I expected to see some semblance of anger, pushback, or disapproval in the reaction to the video.

Here are just some of the, quite frankly, unbelievable responses to the rap, many of which came from ‘black Twitter’, and included the likes of: “Like I love this song so much Lmao the chorus so catchy”, and “She killed the beat and the baby #doubleHomicide”.

And there are thousands more under this thread

Is our culture really this devoid of human decency? Evidenced by the joking and praise around the video, abortion is now openly acknowledged as killing by abortion advocates themselves. As dreadful as the video is, at least they’re honest. Amid so much PC-laiden language about ‘access to women’s healthcare’ and the endless, careful presentation of abortion as a form of compassion, we now finally have this message from within their own camp: ‘Abortion is murder’.

In fact, abortion is not only murder, but it’s actually something worth celebrating and laughing about because it allows us you to ‘live your best life’ while discarding anyone who gets in the way: the unborn baby in this case.

Of course, we’re told that ‘no one celebrates abortion’. But this is simply not true. Yes, there are hard cases, broken hearts, and huge regret from the women and men behind our abortion figures. But we are also living at a point in human history where people openly celebrate and dance to ‘murder, murder, murder’ because we are acutely aware that tiny humans are being sacrificed on the altar of personal convenience, and for some, this is a huge plus. Our culture is rotten.

And as a society, we must recognise what it means when Planned Parenthood is getting exposure from twerking, half-naked black women singing about having ‘murder on their minds’. We are, after all, talking about the same Planned Parenthood which was created by Margaret Sanger, the famous eugenicist who wanted to stop black people from procreating.

The same Planned Parenthood which has decimated the black population, which operates the majority of its abortion centres in minority neighbourhoods, and which means that the most dangerous place for a black child is not on the streets, but in the womb. And, the cherry on the cake, the same Planned Parenthood which made its biggest ever profit last year, committing a record number of abortions, a disproportionate number of those on black babies.

As black Conservative influencer Candace Owens said when she did a commentary on the video earlier in the week, the song essentially makes a mockery of the 18 million black children who have had their lives ended through abortion in the US:

She also said the song underscores a black culture which has degenerated immensely in recent decades, largely in part through rap music and a rap culture which promotes murder, death, promiscuity, gangs, and gun violence. Families are broken up, and belief in God and moral values is largely gone, not only in black communities, but everywhere else, too. She also called on black leaders to speak out to address the video, amid a lack of condemnation, as the rap song continues to generate streams on the likes of Spotify.

“I want to be part of the regenerative culture, and part of the people who believe that black Americans have more to contribute than this”, she said, adding that black culture, and culture at large, is being trained to openly celebrate immorality.

For all these reasons, while ‘Baby Murder Rap’ is a hard, awful, grotesque watch, we need to understand just how deep our cultural rot is, and why a culture of life must become a reality if we want to start to turning things around.

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