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Author Brandon Sanderson accuses Audible of “shameful” behaviour.

Prolific author Brandon Sanderson, most well-known for his Mistborn and Stormlight series of books, has accused the audio book company Audible of engaging in “shameful” behaviour. The author has said that he will not be uploading his upcoming books on the platform. Audible is currently the world’s largest audio book platform.

Sanderson says that he ‘likes’ Audible, and that they are ‘good people’, but that “they treat authors very poorly” and that, particularly when dealing with smaller and independent authors, “the deal Audible demands of them is unconscionable.”

According to Sanderson most online sales platforms pay the creator 70% of the price of each sale, keeping the remaining 30% to cover their costs and generate profits – Audible pays independent authors 40%, and that is only if authors agree to exclusively sell their books on Audible. Authors who did not agree to that requirement are only paid 25% of the price of each sale. Comments made in response to Sanderson’s statement indicate that some authors can recieve as little as 15% from Audible.

Sanderson said that he did not wish to “make an enemy of Amazon (who owns Audible),” but that the companies “shameful behaviour” was “squeezing indie authors to death.”

Sandersons upcoming work will be available through Spotify and Speechify.

We reached out to Audible asking them to comment on Sanderson’s statements, to verify the numbers he had given, and to provide their justification for those numbers if they are correct, but we have yet to receive a response.

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