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“Arson isn’t entertainment”: Fire Brigade fighting more than COVID-19 

Photo Credit: Dublin Fire Brigade

Dublin Fire Brigade has reported cases of arson around the Finglas area in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, citing school closures and youths with too much time on their hands as a possible motive.

In a tweet yesterday morning, the fire department said: “Keeping youngsters, not so young and old-enough-to-know-betters entertained will be a challenge over the next few weeks. It shouldn’t need to be said that arson isn’t entertainment.”

The post continued: “Firefighters from Finglas prevented this fire from spreading to the main building yesterday”, and included photos of the burning structure.

This comes at a time when emergency services are already strained due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, with the department itself reporting at least one of its firefighters/paramedics has tested positive for the disease. 


They said in a statement: “We are currently working through Public Health to contact trace and assess other members of staff who may have been close or casual contacts.

“We have set up  a contact tracing hub and will continue to monitor, communicate with and support all of our personnel providing an essential frontline service during these challenging times.”


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