Amazon workers stage absurd ‘die-in’ to ban books

Those of us of an older vintage will recall a time when the stock insult directed at gay men was that they were really women. The stereotype as transmitted through the “comedy” that was beamed into millions of homes by British tabloid TV was of effeminate men, or even actual men dressed as women.

Not surprisingly, this was regarded as offensive and misleading by most gay men and part of whatever political campaign there was against discrimination was to ensure that a gay man might get a job reading the news, or driving a bus or running for elected office without having to ham it up like Larry Grayson or arrive in to work wearing a nice frock and mascara.

In these days of Pride, the stereotype appears to have been reabsorbed. Not just in an ironical manner as with the appropriation of the word Queer – similarly to the adoption by some black people of the word that you would still be unlikely to get away with using no matter what post-modern riff you claimed – but as a central icon.

That brings us to the latest stunt by people working for Amazon in Seattle. Unhappy with the wholesale identification, some would claim capture of, by corporate Woke Capital of the gay pride gig, some of those working at the company’s HQ in the west coast city staged a “die-in.”


Given that it is Pride month perhaps you might be under the impression that they were staging a brave protest against gay people being murdered. This, sadly, does still happen. It is even tolerated and encouraged or carried out by some state authorities – ironically enough in places which generally escape the disapproval of the left.

Oh no. The protest was in support of their demand that Amazon stop selling “transphobic books.”  Specifically, two books; Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing our Daughters by Abigail Shrier, and Johnny the Walrus by Matt Walsh which the activists claim mocks transgender individuals through the character of a boy who pretends to be a walrus.

Shrier, in her book, compares the incidence of gender dysphoria in adolescent American girls to previous incidences of what she describes as “social contagion” whereby teenage girls fell victim to anorexia, bulimia and other disorders almost exclusively on the basis of fears generated through peer group and media pressures.

It is surely a legitimate area of research and consideration – Shrier approaches it from the standpoint of someone with an academic background in philosophy and law – and she is addressing a subject which is highly contentious not only within the broader community where people are concerned about the impact that transgender ideology is having in schools, but among the medical profession

The Amazon workers campaign is therefore simply an attempt to suppress legitimate debate. It has nothing whatsoever to do with protecting people by ensuring that they are not subject to “hate.”

What we are seeing, in fact, is nothing more than an expression of complete intolerance for a different perspective. We have seen this in Ireland with the pile on against psychologist Stella O’Malley from a far leftist who has made no secret of their association with extreme elements who do not accept any dissent even from within the left itself.

It reminds us too of what happens in totalitarian societies where people are forced to accept lies and absurdities as truths and accepted mores. In the Soviet Union, that extended to the sciences where unknown numbers of physicists and biologists were sent to camps and murdered because they refused to publicly condemn the Big Bang theory, or to affirm the nonsensical claims of Trofim Lysenko who claimed that mice and certain crops could be transformed over a short period through the inheritance of acquired characteristics.

At its most surreal, this amounted to the “proof” that you could breed tailless mice by breeding from parents whose tails had been cut off. At its most tragic, it compounded the disasters of socialist collectivized agriculture by planting similarly doctored seeds. There was no debate over this madness because people were either too afraid to question it or were destroyed if they did so.

We live in an age where we are again confronted with such absurdities accompanied by pressures on people to accept them. And worse again, in which people who know that something is a lie, either remain silent or pay lip service to the lie.

As for the Amazon workers who imagine that it is any part of their job to decide what other people read or write, perhaps they might comfort themselves with the prophecy made by Aldous Huxley that there will one day be a Brave New World in which it will not be necessary to ban books because no one will wish to read them.


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