It has recently emerged that Amazon has decided to ban books – and a documentary about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

They say they will not sell anything containing “hate speech,” though they haven’t defined what they mean by that. Sometime from late last year, it appears they have quietly been removing titles from their sales catalogue; such as ‘When Harry Became Sally’, a 2018 examination of the transgender phenomenon by Ryan Anderson.

A spokesperson for Amazon directed an Epoch Times inquiry to their Content Guidelines for Books, where they say they don’t sell content they “determine is hate speech, promotes the abuse or sexual exploitation of children, contains pornography, glorifies rape or pedophilia, advocates terrorism, or other material we deem inappropriate or offensive.”

However the child-abusing story of ‘Lolita’ is described as being written with “beauty and tenderness” on the site, while the company ran into trouble  several years ago for selling a book which spelled out its purpose in the hideous title ‘The Paedophile’s Guide To Love And Pleasure: A Child-lover’s Code Of Conduct’. The book was eventually removed, despite some initial resistance from Amazon.

Commentators also point out that books which are considered offensive because they belittle or stir up racial hatred against white people are not removed from the platform.

But it doesn’t end there for the multinational corporation, they have also pulled a documentary on Clarence Thomas, the conservative Supreme Court Justice who is described as “the wrong black guy”

In the trailer for the documentary ‘Created Equal, Clarence Thomas in his own words’ Thomas talks about his 1991 US Supreme Court confirmation hearing where he says: “We know exactly what’s going on here. This is the wrong black guy, he has to be destroyed”.

It appears that the woketopians at Amazon agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment, because for some unknown reason they pulled the documentary on February 8th. The documentary’s director, Michael Pack, says he “has repeatedly asked them for explanations but they haven’t given any.”

Clarence Thomas is the only black person on the US Supreme Court, and only the second black in history to serve on it.

SCJ, ClarenceThoms, has lead a distinguished life in which he overcame extreme poverty, segregation, Jim Crow laws, liberal chauvinism , and institutional discrimination to rise to a select position in the highest court in the land. Thomas is in his 72nd year and this very private man has a story to tell that would interest millions.

One of the places he overcame racial discrimination was a Catholic seminary. He was accepted into Yale and Harvard law schools and upon leaving law school in the top two percent of the class he could not get a job offer from a single law firm. Thomas has led an interesting life, and one worth sharing, so why did Amazon decide to pull the documentary from their service? The clue might be in that seminary;  you see Clarence Thomas is a devout Catholic.

Another possible reason is that the documentary makes Joe Biden look like a ridiculous bully, and liberals won’t like that.


SCJ Thomas is acutely aware that as a conservative black man, he is hated by white liberals even more than white conservatives are. The documentary airs the type of racist abuse he received from the left wing media and political institutions – the people who rant about racism and patronisingly claim to be champions of the ‘black community’.

Thomas puts it that this support is conditional on being the puppets of the Left. He noted that the Liberal Left’s opinion of black people like him was: “you’re not really black because you’re not doing what we expect black people to do”.

With Amazon joining in the cancel culture woke economy, and with activists pressurising businesses to adopt woke discrimination policies, some conservative and libertarian voices are beginning to talk of a parallel ‘free-speech economy.’ The failed attempt to cancel Goya Foods after their CEO, Robert Unane, met with President Trump is evidence that there is a public revulsion to cancel culture. In fact Goya products sold off the shelves after the attempted boycott.

Toymakers Hasbro, were left scrambling after receiving much more pushback than they anticipated when they demoted Mr. Potato head to a gender-neutral Potatohead .

Conservative investor and podcaster, Dan Bongino – an investor in the temporarily cancelled Twitter alternative Parler – announced that there is a lot of talk behind the scenes about creating a parallel economy with alternatives to the woke corporations. While it may seem that the tech giants are an unassailable monopoly, and that their ideology is crushing, a review of history reveals that seemingly dominant monopolies have vanished in less than a decade.

In his comprehensive introduction to Economics, Thomas Sowell charts the rise and fall of massive retailers in the changing American society of the 1900s. Changing markets and technologies saw the rise and fall of major grocery chains, Wards, Sears, and A&P, who dominated the market in their time. The same is true in other sections of the economy. Look for instance at the phenomenal rise of Ryanair who outcompeted on a low-price strategy.

Even now there are alternatives to Amazon and Disney. Amazon’s deplatforming of certain books means that there is a space in the market for other booksellers to serve the market Amazon refuses to. While customers are there, they will make their other purchases there also. If the customer experience is satisfactiory, Amazon will lose customer loyalty over this.

Oddly enough, the wokes at Amazon etc. seem to have united the left and the right populists, neither of whom seem enthusiastic for the speech czars and social constructivists of money grubbing globalist corporations.