Able bodied Norwegian man identifies as wheelchair bound woman

Man feels ‘need’ to sit in wheelchair

An appearance on Norwegian morning show Good Morning Norway (God Morgen Norge) by senior financial analyst Jørund Viktoria Alme is causing controversy. 

Reduxx reports, “Criticism of Alme’s “identity” has been so substantial that Norway’s TV 2 news program featured the perspectives of four disabled women in the days after his interview was broadcast on GMN.”

Alme (53) who is an able bodied male identifies as a woman who is paralysed from the waist down and uses a wheelchair to move around ‘almost all the time’. 

He has reportedly been receiving widely positive coverage from the Norwegian media since going public with his trans-disability in 2020. 

Alme, who claims to have Body Integrity Disorder (BID), told Norwegian media outlet Vg how he became interested in BID while at school saying,One day one of the classmates entered the classroom with crutches and splints on his legs. I was excited and felt my heart beat faster”

He explained how at the time he felt it would have been ‘shameful’ to ask his classmate to ‘try on’ the crutches. 

Alme said he researched why he might have such strong feelings about wanting to sit in a wheelchair and came across the term BID – which pubmed describes as an extremely rare disorder.


Alme, who has a wife and two children, said he was called ‘gay’ at school but always knew he liked only girls adding that he becomes very “uncomfortable” if he does not get an outlet for his “need to sit in a wheelchair.”

Alme has lived as an able bodied man all his life but says that one day he could no longer suppress his impulse to use a wheelchair.



The report describes the anguish Alme’s wife Agnes went through when her husband began to order women’s clothes and shoes online – and how she asked him whether he had been trying on her clothes believing his condition to be a fetish. 

“She says she has tried to leave Jørund twice in despair and grief. But she was too fond of him, and therefore went back. Agnes says Jørund is her best friend, her lover, and the father of her children. She would rather he live as a happy woman than as an unhappy man.” 

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