5-year-old boy raped by schoolboys in classroom

The attack on the 5-year-old by four nine-year-old boys took place at a school in Newcastle, South Africa. 
The mother of the victim alleges that the school has dealt “lightly” with the attack, whilst police have not yet opened an investigation.

Talking to Sowetan Live, the boy’s 29-yr-old mother said: “I got worried when he was not at home an hour later and he only arrived at 3.30pm. I asked what happened and that is when he told me that four boys had pushed him into one of the classrooms where they undressed him and took turns raping him.”

“I took him to the local clinic and even though they said there was not much damage I am still very worried about my son’s state of health. He is now very violent among other kids and he totally refused to go to school last week”, she added. 

“It is clear that one of the boys has also been sexually abused; that is why I think that they need counselling so that they can also be helped. Those boys need help as they might be exposed to being abused as well.” 

One of the attackers is said to told the victim ‘you’ll be my bitch’ during the vicious attack.

The mother finished by saying, “I am just disappointed at the school for taking this matter lightly. Also there was only one parent who called to apologise for their son’s behaviour; others did not even bother themselves.”

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