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376 Irish work permits issued to Indian workers in month that Covid pandemic spiked there

Once again the latest statistics from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment prove that the restrictions on the domestic economy and the movements of Irish citizens within their own localities, does not seem to have impacted on the overseas corporations who operate here.

The number of work permits issued in April was 999, which brings the total for the year to 4,380. The IT sector continues to be a major recipient along with hospitals and nursing homes, and so far overseas tech companies operating in Ireland have been given over 1,300 permits to bring in workers from countries outside of the EU/EEA zone during the period.

While much has been made of the incidence in the rise of Covid cases in India in the past month as a means to ensure no slacking of restrictions by people living here, it has not seemingly made much of a difference to the granting of work permits to Indian citizens.

A total of 1,722 work permits have been issued to Indian nationals since the beginning of the year, with 376 of these granted during the month of April – a month when we were assured that India was the epicentre of a new wave of Covid infections. Mandatory Hotel Quarantine for people arriving from India only began at the end of April.

That is no reflection on those Indian workers who have taken up employment here. It does, however, once again illustrate the total hypocrisy of the Irish state. The public narrative has been replete with tales of Lockdown transgressions by the natives, some of whom have been subjected to harassment and vilification.

Large numbers of people remain unable to work because of the economic restrictions that many argue are destroying livelihoods and domestic businesses, but none of the same criteria are being applied to companies hiring people from outside the country and indeed the EU.


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