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“Zero Covid” Staines: Life is never going back to normal

Professor Anthony Staines of the zero covid advocacy group ISAG has said that life is never returning to pre-Covid normality.

The remarks were made during a Newstalk interview, where Gript editor John McGuirk questioned Staines on some of his proposed policies.

“(Under Anthony’s plans) there’s never going to be a time when we can say ‘Let’s get back to living the way we were living before,’” said McGuirk.

“I don’t know when under his analysis of the Covid situation when we can ever reach that point, because there is always going to be a threat from Covid.

“This is now an endemic virus – it has spread so far, so widely throughout the world, there have been so many millions of cases, that there’s no point.

“(Anthony) is part of an organisation that pushes for Zero Covid. Zero Covid is done, over, finito – Covid is here forever. So when do you ever get to the point where you say “OK, we have to live with it.” We’ll stop imposing these, at this stage, frankly absurd restrictions on children, on schools.

“You were talking about public transport and having people work from home indefinitely. I mean, what is the justification for that when everyone is vaccinated, we have a health service that’s not (overwhelmed), and the most recent modelling was, to put it kindly, bunkum?”

Staines bluntly replied: “The short answer is never.”

“The consequence of allowing Covid to become endemic is it changes things,” he said.

“HIV became endemic, and it changed sex permanently…So people’s lives change when there’s a major epidemic, or endemic infectious disease.”

When asked again when life would go back to pre-Covid normality, Staines replied “It doesn’t.”

“But it doesn’t stay with long-term lockdowns. The WHO said in March 2020 that long-term lockdowns were not a way to control the virus. We’ve been arguing exactly that point since April 2020. Our future is not one endless lockdown stretching into infinity. Our future is there is a nasty infectious disease going around the place, and that’s going to change how people behave.”


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