YouTube Threatens to ban Conservative Commentator Matt Walsh over ‘trans pronoun use’

American conservative commentator Matt Walsh has said YouTube has temporarily demonetised his content and threatened to ban him from the platform if he does not “respect the pronouns of trans people.”

The Daily Wire host who has 2.33 million subscribers on the platform, said in a Twitter post that he would rather take his show off YouTube than “cooperate with that nonsense”.  

After announcing that he would be making his show, The Matt Walsh Show, available free on Daily Wire+ and Twitter, he said, “If I simply respect the preferred pronouns and stop accurately gendering people, then I can likely continue to do my show on the platform, get it remonetized after a short probationary period, and continue making over $100,000 a month on YouTube ads,”. 

He continued, “In other words, all I have to do to keep the money and the platform is give up my integrity and my soul,” adding, “No way”. 

“I will not give my show to YouTube if it means I have to cooperate with and affirm the very ideology that I’ve been battling all this time,” he said. 

Reacting to a recent hack of his Twitter the father of six said that over the last few years his family has been “harassed, threatened, doxxed,” and now “hacked”, adding that he believed that the hacker had an “insider” who gave him access to his phone. 



Jeremy Boreing, the co-CEO of The Daily Wire who described the company as one of “the last truly free media companies”, said that there has recently been a campaign of attempts at canceling Daily Wire commentators including Walsh, Brett Cooper, and Michael Knowles. 

Responding to the news that Walsh had been demonetised he said that, “No investor or board of directors can maneuver us into acquiescing to their demands or expressing their values.”, adding,  “We only express our own.”


Commentator Brett Cooper has reportedly received a lifetime ban from Tiktok while Knowles was evacuated from University of Pittsburgh after “violent” protests erupted in response to his attendance on the campus to discuss issues related to transgenderism. 



During the heated protests an effigy of Knowles was burned in the streets. 



Boreing blasted tech giants Youtube, Tiktok, and Facebook for what he described as “capricious” attempts at vexatious “fact-checks, demonetizations, and bans”, against the Daily Wire hosts saying, “YouTube wants to keep Matt Walsh from being able to monetise because they know it will drastically stunt his growth and make his content far less viral. They expect us to throw a fit and play right into their hands. We won’t,”. 

After the hack, which Boreing claimed would have revealed twenty years of Walsh’s emails, Wired reporter Dell Cameron had his Twitter account suspended after it emerged that he had used Twitter to knowingly obtain material garnered from the hack. 



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