“WORSE THAN THE FAMINE” – Irish twitter reacts to hilariously bad Irish accents in Wild Mountain Thyme

Wild Mountain Thyme is an upcoming RomCom set in Ireland, and though it hasn’t even been released yet, Irish twitter is already giving it both barrels.

Due to be released in December of this year, the premise seems fairly straightforward – an Irish dad threatens to give the family farm away to his American nephew, rather than his own son, and familial chaos breaks loose. Which is fine as far as movie ideas go. In fact, the movie has been trending on Twitter all day since the trailer was released.

Unfortunately, it’s probably not trending for reasons the directors would like. As it turns out, several of the film’s stars – including Christopher Walken and Emily Blunt – are not the most proficient at Irish accents, which is a bit of a problem if you’re starring in a lead role set in Ireland. Apparently there is a comedic chasm of difference between what American directors think we sound like, and how we hear ourselves.

Just take a listen for yourself.

Reactions have been predictably hilarious.

Best of all is this classic from Foil, Arms and Hogg.

And then this brilliant remakes:

Even the Leprechaun Museum was in knots.

Strong opinions abounded.

And maybe an alternative view…

If you want to see for yourself if the “fillum” is as bad as expected, or if it will pleasantly surprise us all, Wild Mountain Thyme will be released December 11th, just in time for the cinemas to (hopefully) re-open.

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